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13 Jan

How To Sleep Well? Enough For A Good Mattress?

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The building biologist, diviner and author Alexander Nastasi from Heidelberg Heidelberg – the building biologist Alexander Nastasi from Heidelberg indicates test a current test of the magazine in October 2008. In this test, the renowned magazine has undergone a thorough test mattresses. The result is exciting in this respect does not automatically tested the expensive, advertised by the dealer especially mattresses as well. A link to the text is on the below mentioned website there you can read it in detail. But the Heidelberg building biologist still other factors indicates: although it is very important to replace the mattress every 8 to 10 years, but factors such as healthy airing, and electromagnetic pollution play a role not to left out healthy sleep. In the last six years, Alexander Nastasi has investigated numerous beds after errors and in many cases the cause of fitful sleep, stress and nightmares was the place to sleep to diseases. That shouldn’t be a surprise, in this day and age we all one very high stress level set out our body has just the opportunity in the few hours we grant him that, to regenerate because is very important that the roost to find is a place for relaxation and not smog, as he is known commonly, affect the sleep it.

It’s often simple measures, which include a significant improvement of regeneration in his sleep after a sleep space study. Nastasi is grateful for such tests because often he sends customers with a Spring mattress, which has like magnetic interference fields, to the mattress purchase. By magazines such as test and oko Test, customers have a possibility of orientation and must not only engage on the statement of the seller in the beds shops. A sleep space study costs also usually only Nastasi is a fraction of a new mattress in the entire Rhine Neckar for 249 euros on the road, more driveways will be charged in addition mileage allowance. An investigation takes the Space about an hour in the package are two rooms including – after the measurement he takes again time to explain everything in detail and also for laymen to understand, a total he is between two and four hours for two rooms at the customer. A few days after the measurement the customer sent a detailed log home, where all measured values, if applicable the statutory limit values and the biological values of the recommendation are covered and explained. Is a value higher than the biological construction recommendation: elaborated proposals for solutions and a remediation list round out the picture, so that you get a complete service from a single source, if you want to restore. More information is found on the website to find or to call Mon-Fri between 9 am and 6: 00, Tel: 06224/924256. responsible for this press release is Alexander Nastasi building Biologe, dowser, with the biological services still in the franchise. When the franchise Center in the summer of 2006 closed its doors, Nastasi as free and independent, independent building biologist and dowser has built up his own investigation company, together with his wife – she is even a healer in training – both for healthy sleeping places and offer a service that goes far beyond the norm.

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