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21 Sep

Art Sociology

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In the text Heinich author, approaches the art not as a natural manifestation, but a phenomenon constructed by means of history and of the practical ones. In this way, the sociology of the art ‘ ‘ … must not more have petition necessity of principle for if interesting for the different public, for its morphology, its behaviors, its motivations, its emoes’ ‘ (pg 71). Thus the study of the reception it takes in them to one better understanding. The author, comments the workmanship of Pierre Bourdieu that became the starter of the research statistics for the world of the culture, making a critical one on the belief in the innate character of ‘ ‘ disposals cultivadas’ ‘ , to put in evidence the primordial paper of the familiar inculcao, relating the notion marxist of economic capital of cultural capital, denouncing the fact of that the museums, instead of being instruments of a possible democratization to the access to the art, aggravate the overcoming it enters not experts and initiates, in the same way that the universities, instead of working for the democratization of the access when knowing, only make to go deep in the distance between dominant and dominated. 1SOCIOLOGIA OF the TASTE In this chapter the author places the ideas of Bourdieu that understands as a system of durable disposals one ‘ ‘ structuralized structure estruturante’ ‘ , that is, a coherent set of capacities of habits and corporal markers, that the individual for the not conscientious inculcao and the internalization in ways of being proper of the way forms. Without this notion it would be difficult to apprehend what it makes true ‘ ‘ barrier to entrada’ ‘ in the places of high culture. cultural 1.1Prticas According to author the mensurao statistics of practical the cultural ones, mentions frequentao to it. Two interpretations are proposals for Bourdieu and cited by the author to explain the phenomenon: or if it deals with a democratization of the public, for the opening of the museums new social categories, more numerous less selected, or if it deals with an intensification of the practical one for the same social categories, attracted with more frequency for the museums for the multiplication of the expositions as well as for the increase of the time consecrated to the leisure.

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16 Sep

Physical Education

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The research field was the Center of Multiple Use? CMU pertaining Farm to the City of Itaja/SC, having as subject: aged that they carry through activities of leisure in order to combine itself with excessively. A great challenge and a pretty history that it deserves to be counted. Words key: Physical education? Corporal culture? Third 1.ABREM-IF Age the CURTAINS OF the SPECTACLE: INTRODUCTION, JUSTIFICATION AND RELEVANCE OF THE PROBLEM. The aging is a natural stage of the life of the individual, where this phase has proper characteristics, in which still it has personal possibilities of positive changes and accomplishments. This search of the new if becomes something possible for bigger availability of time and freedom, being able to be an interesting period of discoveries and renewal.

It is essential to believe as professional of the area of the Physical Education that all person has a potential to learn, a curiosity, a vital inquietude. with the third age is not different, alone because the age advances in the ones of the right o not to find that the aged ones had acquired envelhecimentos of attitudes and behaviors. This, almost always, occurs due to little request of performance of them and on the part of the community in general way without forgetting I discourage it of the proper one family. Although the aged ones are citizens to the influence of characteristic factors of the age, these alterations modulate the performance of the individuals, but they do not incapacitate them. According to WARRIOR, (1999, P. 63) ' ' our structure of perception, as well as strategies, goes if modifying in tune with our life, because exactly in the oldness the brain possesss new a enough plasticity that it allows the continuous incorporation of contedos' '. Based in this conception, the subject of this research appeared through the proposal curricular of the Course of Physical Education, where the requirements for its conclusion, are interventions directed to the interdisciplinaridade in not formal environment of education.

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01 Sep

Telephone Directory

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For many decades, telephone book is a popular print products. It is an indispensable source of information for each family. Average statistical average family of 3-4 people, and accordingly the same statistics, every person applying for the information contained in the directory on average 44 times a year. At the moment only in Donetsk, there are nearly 450,000 telephone subscribers, not including organizations and commercial institutions. Given this information is not difficult to count the number of appeals to the reference publication.

Despite the digital media and numerous Internet offers, telephone directories, in particular well-known 'Yellow Pages' are an effective advertising medium for many small businesses, firms that specialize in providing services. In this directory you can place an ad, clearly focused on defined target group. The announcement, posted in the phone book, is working on a large audience of potential customers for a long time. This ad is user-friendly, as takes part Preliminary information searches and lets you select the option you want without extra time and sometimes money (the cost of long distance calls) cost. Announcement of the handbook is an ideal complement to all other ways of advertising, allowing for the known name to find information of interest to the firm, because advertisements have become an integral part of telephone directories and are successfully operating for the benefit of advertisers. This kind of advertising, not annoying your potential customer, and helps him in finding the necessary information. Besides widespread in the United States of posters and large banners 'Yellow Pages' are second-best means of advertising for local businesses.

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