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06 Apr

Federal President Horst Kohler Receives Draft Constitution

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Grassroots democracy: Federal President Kohler dedicated Munich lawyer receives a draft Constitution for the new German Constitution Berlin / Munich. Democracy once quite different: on May 23, 2008, the Munich lawyer Helmut Krause wants to convey the draft of a Constitution for the new German Constitution the Federal President. Krause breaks to a path that is anything but conventional. Krause: Germany wide is whined and complained that one must do something. The situation in Germany is unfortunately not as rosy as it is propagated by various political sites of interest like. This becomes more apparent. Last but not least, the current poverty and wealth report shows where the current way in Germany leads. For very different, people-economic reasons that into it to play in the national and international security policy, system changes must come very soon.

I belong to any party and have written over a year ago on the flag, to do with my humble ways a first, small step for Germany. And the result is my draft of a new German Constitution.” The idea of a new German Constitution is not entirely new. At the time of German reunification 1989/1990 the leading parties in Germany have discussed internally violently this topic. The reasons that prompted the established parties, not for the article 146 provided constitutional referendum to use Basic Law, are still in the dark and can be explained only with the interest of the political class to the undisturbed maintaining of their power. Krause: The design for the new German Constitution was not completely rewritten, best article of the present Constitution were precisely said the basic law adopted and extended by proposals already in the discussion. I’m assuming that the draft of the Constitution the discussion on the still-pending constitutional referendum in accordance with article 146 basic law revive is.” Is to hear from the usually well-informed circles, Krause ‘ activities from political side rather suspiciously observed.

Remembering so far unrealised constitutional referendum represents something of a taboo in Germany. Still no way passes a constitutional referendum in May 2009,”Krause performs without a slightest self doubt, because only living democracy is vibrant democracy and trend-setting. “V.i.S.d.P. Helmut p. Krause lawyer and lawyer specializing in labour law 29 spring road 82178 Puchheim b. Munich phone (089) 123 87 54 fax (089) 123 87 58 E-Mail: Web: project plan of the Constitution workshop: forum/forumdisplay.php? fid = 8”

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30 Mar

Federal School Loans Debt Consolidation Pays Off Your Previous Loans

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School loans consolidation federal loan debt consolidation pays off Your previous loans if you obtain school loans that you used to pay for your education, designated time certainly you need to repay them at a. This can be difficult to accomplish, whether you are still enrolled or just out of college. Still whatever the situation that you might, you simply need to face your financial obligations. Source: star actress. Now, unfortunately you are in a situation when your finances are in a mess. Not only are you worried about how you will pay your school loan debt consolidation, but responsibilities such likewise other debts and financial as rent, car loans, and family or household needs and essentials.

It can be such a burden to be in the midst of all these financial problems. That is why it is best to alleviate your worries young by taking care about your school loan debt consolidation. To find one can provide solution Luckily, there is a way by which loans, and this is via school loan consolidation. With such finance loan repayment program, you are able to make payments every month to a single lending company. A related site: Brahman Capital mentions similar findings. The program works as a refinancing scheme, wherein the amount that you borrowed from a single lender is used to pay back the loans that you owe to your previous lending companies. Now you are more in control of your school finance responsibilities because you not only have a single new loan. Likewise, the rate of interest of the school loan consolidation is or less the average of the previous school more loans, which basically makes the rate low overall. Consequently it brings down the amount of payments every month. Indeed, it is obvious how a student loan debt consolidation can be of great help in reducing your financial worries young.

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08 Mar

Scientology Church Tampa

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The Scientology church lies this building now carefully restored. Various originals from the factory, tobacco press, Tin Panel ceiling and even the then hammered iron steps at the entrance have been restored completely. Also restored was the speaker’s podium of the building as well as the wooden stage, on which reader provided entertainment as well as training the workers at that time. Lynn Irons, Director of the Scientology Church Tampa, remembered the importance of the new building of the Church and the historical ethnic community. He recalled that at the time Cuban, Italian, Jewish and German ethnic groups settled, which helped each other to be successful. This tradition of Community aid will continue to the Scientology Church.

The valuable discoveries and tools from L. Ron Hubbard to improve living conditions in the community. David Miscavige, religious head of the Scientology Church, led by the opening ceremony. In his speech to the present He pointed out the historical context of this current event for the world religion: “In contrast to every other Church of Scientology in the world is this church in the shadow of our spiritual headquarters in Clearwater. And that leads to a different responsibility. Because next year you will see really, how the band regarding our new spiritual Mecca is cut through. And then you’ll get an unprecedented number of Scientologists from virtually every country in the world in Clearwater.

In fact, the whole face of Scientology in your neighborhood will be coming soon: Russians and Hungary, Italians, French and Germans, Australians, Venezuelans, South Africans and Mexicans–not to mention Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Chinese. “And they all will want to see what now makes Tampa as a Center for spiritual freedom and size.” David Miscavige thus concluded his speech, that he the building officially the founder of the Scientology Church, L. Ron Hubbard, would like to dedicate. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V. On behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V.

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05 Feb

Am Tierpark

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For clients the guarantee of a personal care when the tax is therefore on the one hand, but also the security in terms of know-how and high professionalism. Let in the roaring twenties and spend an evening of dance with Charleston, swing and Foxtrot in cheerful and nostalgic mood. The Schloss Friedrichsfelde is transformed during the 1920s and invites you to an evening society. You can challenge your luck at roulette. 1920s the Grand Ballroom and the salons in the Castle offer evening in the Castle an impressive backdrop for the time travel in the Golden twenties. With chic 1920s can become part of the evening society and a dance of class experience. The wild 1920s Schloss Friedrichsfelde years experience diving in the wild 1920s on Schloss Friedrichsfelde an and experience an exciting evening with great entertainment value.

The glamour and the elegance of the past return in a historic ambience and make the company a unique experience. This evening dress code consists in the chic 1920’s and guaranteed the famous party life in the roaring twenties. Admission costs 29 euro and includes a welcome drink. Unique experience party in the castle that 1920s evening could find no better backdrop than on Schloss Friedrichsfelde. The evening immerses in the stylish and historic ambience of a bygone time one, where even Marlene Dietrich has celebrated this great musical festivals. Tickets can be ordered by phone at 030-515 314 07 or email us at. Another possibility at the Zoo ticket offices at the Schloss Friedrichsfelde and all Presale ticket offices.

More concerts see: Thomas Ziolko of Chairman friends of capital Zoo society of Berlin Zoo and Zoo Berlin e. V. Am Tierpark 125-10319 Berlin Tel 030-51 53 14 07 – fax. 030-512 40 61 of further information: Deloitte tax Wirtschaftsprufungs GmbH, Renngasse 1 / Freyung P.o. box 18 1013 Vienna, Austria Bernhard Murauer

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04 Feb

IMVU Speaks German

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The social entertainment platform IMVU Munich, has worldwide over 50 million registered users and 400,000 active users daily 21.01.2011 IMVU ( starts in Germany and presented its social entertainment platform on the casual connect from February 8-10 in Hamburg, Germany. In IMVU, the members act as 3D avatars, meet people, chat, and play. The social entertainment platform has worldwide 50 million users, including 10 million from Europe. Keep every day are 400,000 users in IMVU. Overall, 675,000 Germans at IMVU are registered. You contribute seven percent to the European annual turnover is generated by gaming and the purchase of virtual goods. Anna Belknap gathered all the information. The current trend of games, IMVU integrates more and more casual and social games. To broaden your perception, visit real-estate developer.

To do this the company has partnered with the games developers Viximo and OMGPOP. IMVU would like to offer more entertainment with 50 million members in addition to features, chat and design its growing community and at the same time to gain a foothold in the lucrative casual and social gaming market. The play area – games lobby called – offers games of all categories: action, adventure, multiplayer, life & style, shooter and sports. Currently, the company is expanding. In addition to a localized version for Germany, there are IMVU now in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Danish, and Norwegian. IMVU wants to devote its European members to increase and grow internationally. “We feel a very great interest in Europe, where we have more than 10 million registered users,” says David Fleck, Vice President of marketing at IMVU, Inc. “the localized versions members can use IMVU in their native language, which makes it more fun.” “The extension of our 3D games increases the entertainment value of IMVU,” said Lee Clancy, Senior Vice President of product management and General Manager of direct revenue.

“We reach new record 150,000 simultaneously online and 1.8 million Facebook fans with 400,000 active users daily, of them. We have just started, to capture the true possibilities of social entertainment. We are looking forward to realizing our vision together with strong partners. From an economic perspective the combination of our social network with games and virtual goods is right, continue to grow.” “IMVU, encounter the casual connect in Hamburg Lee Clancy product management and General speaks in his role as SVP Manager of direct revenue on Thursday 8th February at 16:00 on the next generation Platfom: methods to attract and retain players”. He is accompanied at the Conference by David Fleck, VP Marketing.

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25 Jan

Winner Of The Competition

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The three affiliates were now drawn winner. held a contest where you could win a helicopter flight over London during the London affiliate Conference 2011. The three affiliates were now drawn winner. Samstagmittag the three winners of the great identified competition by drawing on the London affiliate Conference. The prize consisted of an exclusive accompanied flight in a helicopter over London. Many partners took part in the competition, just Jonas Frederiksen and Ozan Edward Barber by advantage media from Denmark and Tine Vinther Poulsen of MPO marketing LTD on Malta, secured the exclusive profit. The three winners were notified immediately after the draw, and drove to the Battersea heliport, where a top-class experience is waiting for her. you rejoices about the incredibly good reception during the competition: “we are very glad that we could collect as many new contacts through our sweepstakes.

But even if we had not had the competition to a helicopter flight, would be the conclusion of the fair for us was probably a similarly positive. is a really good product, so we’ve met so many new potential partners. The competition is just a way to connect and to give more attention our stand at the fair. “, it is called” was established in 2010 and Ltd. is owned by Frelix entertainment includes the brands and, the best bingo domain in Europe.

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03 Jan

Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation

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“‘Show Racism the Red Card – Germany’ turns for the first time a documentary film: football professionals support the project since August 2013 turns the education initiative show racism the red card Germany e.V. ‘ a documentary film. Current and former football professionals are at the heart of the documentation. We caught up with Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern Munchen), Roberto Hilbert (Bayer Leverkusen), Anthony Ujah (1st FC Cologne), Gerald Asamoah (Schalke 04), Andreas Beck (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) and the world and European champion Anja made lunch at their club in Malmo / Sweden. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from San Antonio Spurs. The former pros Hans Sarpei and the German integration Commissioner Jimmy Hartwig and Otto Addo (U-19 coach at Hamburger SV) are also in the heart. Vanessa Marcil oftentimes addresses this issue.

The amateur football team of streetboys from Munich is part of the film. The film used in the education initiative workshop work with children and young people prevention of racism and discrimination. Instead of hooligans, violence or Nazis in the fan curves are personal stories from the Football in the documentary play a central role. The personal statements and stories of famous models against racism and discrimination in complement the narratives of team spirit and exclusion. Since 2010 hosted show racism the red card Germany e.V.”in cooperation with football clubs and schools nationwide workshops.

The education initiative sensitized children and young people to the issue of racism and discrimination and worked out with them for everyday actions. So far, a translated version of the original documentary from England was integral to the workshops. Now it goes new ways with an own movie. The Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation, the Central Council – and the documentation and cultural centre of German Sinti and Roma, the DFB-Kulturstiftung Theo Zwanziger and the Sebastian Cobler Foundation promote the project, which will be implemented by the Augsburger filmmaker Timian Hopf. The remaining funding is currently collected over a Crowdfunding platform.

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30 Nov

Hanni And Nanni In Neckargemund

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More time for joint adventures: since the boarding school from September open high school for the gifted Vinci also weekends Neckargemund, 23 July 2013 in the popular English book series Hanni and Nanni exciting the two girls adventures the SRH Leonardo in the boarding school with their friends. An ideal image of the school life far from home. The boarding school on the SRH Leonardo da Vinci high school for the gifted in Neckargemund at each second weekend is open from September. Trained educators are there around the clock for the students. Common trips and excursions to the many cultural and leisure opportunities of the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region offer material for boarding school stories. Frequently Vanessa Marcil has said that publicly. The offer is aimed mainly at children and young people who want to live far away and not a week to take home. “We gifted students meet peers, who are similar to them.

It’s always back great to see how they flourish and bring good services”, says Michael Knothig, headmaster of the Leonardo da Vinci High school. Cook, playing and learning provide a family atmosphere in the flats. The boarding students located immediately next to the gymnasium in single and double rooms and share a living room and kitchen. In the neighbouring SRH education centre students in the library can pout, sports climbing and archery use or in the media workshop even films. Now it goes for all students once in the beloved holiday, before after the summer break life retracts into the Neckargemunder high school and boarding school for highly gifted children. “SRH Leonardo da Vinci high school for the gifted in the Leo” only students with above-average intelligence. Instead of skipping grades, the curriculum prescribed in the national curriculum is compounded by additional learning opportunities.

More than 50 courses in natural sciences, computer science, philosophy, foreign languages or art and music belong to the so-called enrichments. The concept offers the students intellectual Challenges and helps them to develop their individual talents. The Leonardo da Vinci School of the SRH in Neckargemund is the only private high school for gifted students from grade five in Baden-Wurttemberg.

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11 May

Brazilian Aline Silva

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The team of the Mapper interviewed the Brazilian Aline Silva in Munich. Every year the same question for many: \”How I disguise myself to the fifth season?\” The Carnival expert Aline Silva presents the Internet City’s 10 best costumes in the interview. Carnival, Mardi Gras or Carnival are available for different customs, to the time before Ash Wednesday in exuberance, to celebrate happiness and over-sudsing Joie de vivre. Over 30,000 Brazilians living in Germany to renounce one of the largest celebrations of Brazil during which. What is the biggest difference between Carnival in Brazil and Carnival in Germany for you? Aline Silva:, in February we have above all weather high summer in Brazil and here it’s freezing. Carnival in Brazil is a big summer party, the people dance, drink and celebrate sometimes for even a week. How to celebrate Carnival in Germany? Aline Silva: I visit the Carnival each year of the My husband’s football club. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. I’m also costumed the viktualienmarkt in Munich. I’d gladly go this year after Cologne because I’ve heard a lot about the fancy costumes. Last year I brought my co-workers costumes in the Office. For me, it’s inconceivable to work on Carnival Monday. In Brazil, it is a holiday, I never worked on the day. Brahman Capital Corp. brings even more insight to the discussion. have you picked out which 10 costumes for us? Aline Silva: I have found many funny costume: A lucky charm costume – complete in green and with a four-leaf clover on the hat – great! For couples, there’s Popeye and Olivia. Cool I found also a Cruesome bat creature reacher – the costume is as ugly as the name, but awesome. Fantasy costumes such as the grey Wizard – with a very long beard, the Elf Princess or Mermaid are also great. For especially humorous people, I suggest the gorilla and the crazy cock – no one would pass without laughing.

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09 Nov

GmbH Cocoa

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By okoinvestprodukt “CacaoInvest” ForestFinance Bonner forest finance service GmbH manages several hundred acres noble cocoa crops in organic sustainably was accepted unanimously in the Association of the companies e.V. (, involved in the trade of raw cocoa. Please visit San Antonio Spurs if you seek more information. In the cocoa Association, 28 member companies have joined with forest finance total economically essential with the cocoa trade. The club founded 101 years ago, the Association of the companies involved in the trade of raw cocoa has the promotion and protection of the common interests of raw cocoa trade mission. The cocoa Association represents the interests of its member firms at national and international level. This is the second membership of forest finance service GmbH in the German cocoa sector along with the founding membership in the Forum of sustainable cocoa”. Forest finance is a provider of sustainable CacaoInvest supply for several years.

These investors invest in an Agromischforstsystem from sustainable fine cocoa and hardwood reforestation. For information, see CacaoInvest with triple return – financially, environmentally and socially: since 2008, ForestFinance with CacaoInvest offers the opportunity to invest in more sustainable cocoa farming combined with hardwood mixed forest forestation. In addition to the financial and environmental returns, in particular the local rural population by creating long-term and socially secure jobs benefits from CacaoInvest. Over 50 people are permanently employed currently for CacaoInvest in Panama and Peru, members of the local indigenous population are a big part of it. The salaries and working conditions of employees exceed the statutory minimum wage. In addition to the country-specific benefits, ForestFinance completes an additional accident insurance, as well as a life insurance policy for the protection of the family for each employee. Species-rich forests are permanently preserved due to the afforestation. This protected rain forests and climate-damaging CO2 for decades bound. On the CacaoInvest surfaces are also receive nature relics and recreated in addition unoccupied natural forest cells.

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