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11 Jan

Belgian Study

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All normal social fact can become a fact pathological when the amount increases disproportionately and thus exits than usual. The techniques of sociological research to analyze the social fact are: to) monograph, b) statistics and c) survey. (a) the monograph is the study of a particular, specific social fact that has certain important dimensions, by a team of researchers with greater or lesser number of researchers according to the extension of the social fact. That study should be done in the most profound way to give us the essence of the social phenomenon. The starting point of this research goes back to the Belgian sociologist Federico Leblain, when he conducted a case study of the working-class family of his time. Then this method will be refined and developed by his disciples. b) statistics; Some have considered it as Assistant and other how simple technique. It is defined as the procedure whereby it is possible to collect and analyse social phenomena that occur in large numbers.

The method most used is the census. To conduct a statistical study procedures son:1 – gathering of data; 2 analysis of them, through a series of procedures which classifies the observed facts; 3. Presentation of these facts. A way to present those facts it is numerical assessments, which are known under the name of indexes (numerical ratio between two quantities). They can also be represented by maps or charts. When we can do statistics on the whole, a sampling that allows to reach more specific data is performed.

Sampling: is a part of the totality of the probe. It is expressed in some degree most of all. Sample the greatest number of individuals has, will have fewer error. This research technique, is based on the law of large numbers, this law establishes: If one takes a representative number of (Group), the proportions that the society is they are, they are similar to those that exist in society as a whole. (c) survey: find the interview; This is a type of survey that is characterized primarily by the increased interaction of the researcher about the person under investigation. The sociological researcher attends the place the interviewee’s or investigated and performs a series of questions. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

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06 Jan

Magicians Mystics

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Now let us explain the term more Bordeaux, so called mystics and Yogis of Tibet some space between Life and Death, they also speak of him as a state of mind rather than of external reality. Around the same way Western psychology treats similar state of mind, just talking about him as about life and death, but as a trance state, which takes place between sleep and wakefulness. Calling a state space of Bordeaux, not trance, Yogi automatically immersed in mysticism of Tibet, float images, sounds and symbols associated with Tibet. In turn, the mystical symphony evokes the mood of psycho-emotional state that is a powerful helper for entry into Bordeaux. In the western trans-personal psychology, this effect was reached taking psychedelic drugs, stimulating expression of psycho-emotional states experience the super-personal experience. Of course, under the influence of psychedelic drugs is not about what the control and comprehension of the question, and we caution against such experiments from our readers.

To get in Bordeaux is very simple, it needs to adjust itself before going to bed at the entry to this state and this morning woke up, his eyes still closed, and did not move physically, to try to get up in the 'subtle body' or as they say psychotherapists, ideomotor, in other words, bodily fantasies on the theme of separation from the body. In most cases, it turns out, that's happened 'Exit the Body'. At this point, the practice may fall on fear and horror, but when he remembers that it was his inner state, then he can easily overcome it and move on, develop their senses. But if the practitioner attributes this fear to external forces, they immediately demonstrate his demonic face, and Yogi is likely to scare, to return to the body. And, of course, the best way of entering the Bordeaux and lucid dream, is a visit to the Himalayas of northern India, Nepal and Bhutan to the experienced practitioner and expert in this subject matter, communication with the living and Magicians Mystics of Tibet, immersion in tradition and atmosphere of the fairy-tale. Under these conditions, the line between reality and illusion is erased, and Yogi is easily immersed in this amazing world out of body experience, where you can soar like a bird, the most incredible Asanas Practicing Hatha Yoga, Travel to any corner of the planet to meet with their spiritual teachers and get answers to your questions. AND Most importantly, for the entry in Bordeaux need a clear goal for what the Yogi goes there, and his strong, unwavering desire to be there. Then all the necessary work. Eugene Slogodsky.

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02 Jan

Carnival Promotional Products

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What you should know about the world of promotional products and giveaways knowledge you do not what to buy for your best friend’s birthday. You’ve had enough of stereotypical gifts that you don’t know what I should do with them. You have bought a book already a year ago and now you want to buy something original. There is nothing easier than to buy something fun. Maybe they have no idea what this might be? We will help you to find a great and fun gift. There are a variety of such gifts, you must only inform where to find them. The answer is quite simple, there is the largest selection of joke articles, so funny things on the Internet.

Different types of such gifts are offered. It depends on you, what you will decide. Don’t wait any longer and they are looking for a great gift. We recommend a beer glasses, which is made of a synthetic material. She looks very funny on the face.

When the girlfriend prefers this drink, you should not Have more doubts and you order. If she is a rock music fan, you should consider whether a rocker wig would be a great gift. Long hair include a rock singer image and therefore it would be a good idea. An air guitar, which is a good additional gift when they ordered already a rocker wig is one of the prank product category. For a boy, we recommend an adjustable handlebar mustache. From time to time, everyone wants to play someone else. This gift is suitable for wonderful. The moustache is attached with a soft nose clip. You can adjust it freely, everything depends on the situation. The big mustache changed the face so that it is difficult to see who is behind him. If the birthday girl is an animal lover, we have a special offer for it. The rubber chicken will please everyone, who has spent some time on the farm. Also a Kidder can be described as a prank. This cookie is a great big spider, which looks like a real animal. One provides such cookie on the table, constitutes the light and waiting for the response of the birthday child. The reaction can be surprising and will make all definitely laugh. If you would like to purchase only an artificial spider or a cockroach, there is also a possibility. The animals put in the corner, in the bathtub or on the table and is waiting for the response of the birthday child and other guests. These hoax articles can be purchased in shops with funny things as well as on the Internet. The plastic roaches are particularly in demand, if one wants to scare the neighbors that are not particularly friendly. To do this, the hated animals are excellent. Rubber earthworms are a great gift, if the girlfriend has an apartment with a balcony. You should just wait for a couple of rainy days and then secretly put the rain worms on the balcony floor. All will surely wonder how do the worms come. Funny things are quite different things. Rubber animals, funny glasses, artificial hair or just a few of several Funny gifts are artificial moustache. Oliver Smith

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