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03 May

Yes Yes

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The demonstrators stressed here that it wasn’t them to any one particular party, on the contrary and there is no specific political ambition. One must imagine even that! Our Eminences are prompted now to ensure the well of the people.The media believe us all the time the economic upswing, but where is this upturn because? Some economic groups are filling the bags, but nothing arrives at the people. But I digress. Additional information is available at San Antonio Spurs. So, how can I free myself from the alleged victim role and what can I contribute to this rise of mother earth and the personal personally to make to become victims of the upcoming changes? Everything is subject to the higher order and we are the ones who have to decide. When I speak of the higher order, then I mean also God thus, or as they like to call it whatever.

Now, I hear even the call of the toad Yes Yes because we have these do-gooders again very likely from any established cult. I need it disappoint, I’m not a Catholic, Protestant nor I belong to any one club! But there are facts that you not come. Also, I’m aware of the fact, that God of the mind an insult is, yes an imposition! Our mind is, since we are in the world, biased to polarize everything out of the own experience we find right or wrong, good or evil, light or dark… We evaluate the events so incessantly and sort them in different drawers. But our mind is only at this level and what programmed the visible and if we ask for God’s existence our mind… well they think what he probably does us? Our mind can evaluate only the things of the visible reality and God as any imagination eludes. But with the heart we can experience God, so emotionally and we’re on the subject of the Multicarrier of heights, which is essential for the time in which we live.

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