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05 Jan


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MyHammer support at home services strike a nail in the wall that is easy. Shelves build up maybe. But who can build a complete kitchen? Or electrical appliances even close? For those who are looking for a craftsman and would be this quickly and easily find, the craftsman search over the Internet offered. Browse for hours in the YellowPages and many telephone numbers choose to get quotes and compare, is not necessary. The search on the Internet easier. On the online portal are over 120,000 craftsmen and service providers listed, awaiting orders and submit their tenders. Contracting authorities must adjust their orders only once and wait then relaxed on offers and offers of settlement.

They can then compare them alone and instruct their favorite artisans from the existing offers. The service is completely free of charge for clients. You may wish to learn more. If so, Related Group is the place to go. No matter what kind of craft they need MyHammer provides for all areas experts. A very popular category with about 1,400 current orders – room wood Carpenter “is competent and cheap carpenters can be found here. The MyHammer principle of finding craftsmen: Abandon request.

Wait for bids. Compare offers. Select Favorites. Place order. MyHammer.de is no. 1 among the craftsmen portals in Germany with over 510,000 registered users and over 25,000 orders daily. And customer find craftsmen not only fast and uncomplicated, but save this even 30% and more. MyHammer.de can be found on the Internet at.

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