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07 Mar

The Zen

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The worst thing would be a tiger passed by here while I sleep. A tiger then appears and devours it. We all have a wishing tree expected to comply with our orders. We have positive thoughts. (sn128w.snt128.mail.live.com/default.aspx?wa=wsignin1.0) POEM The dream always comes back to the lonely mountain village.At the cardales wind rises, and to the mediodiase calm uninterrupted singing of the cigarraen road that crosses the forest.The Sun is shining in the blue sky, the volcano sleeps and I, though is that nobody listens to me, I still hablandode Islands, mountains, waves, rays of the Sun and moon I’ve seen. Sleep not goes beyond this point.

If just might forget everything, completely!When can forget until the Act of olvidarmi dream freeze in winter memories, and opens a door in the soledadpara travel a path illuminated with fragments of stars. Michizo Tachira (1914-1939). The Zen masters are not adherents of the verbiage and abhor all kind of theorizing and speculation. In this way they developed methods that directly point to the truth, with sudden and spontaneous, words that expose paradoxes of conceptual thinking and actions and, as koans, are aimed to stop the mental process of thinking, thus preparing the student to experience Mystique. This technique is well illustrated in the following examples of short conversations between teacher and disciple. In these talks, which form the major part of Zen literature, teachers speak as little as possible and used his words to change the attention of the disciple from abstract thoughts to concrete reality. A monk, asking for instruction, said to Bodhidharma: I don’t have anything for peace of mind. Please apacigue my mind.It brings your mind here in my front, Bodhidharma replied, and I apaciguare you!But when I search for my own mind, said the monk, I can’t find it.That, replied energetically Bodhidharma, I have allayed your mind! A monk told Joshu to: just enter this monastery.

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