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18 May

The Story Of The Eye Laser Treatment

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Inventiveness and international cooperation launched the eye laser treatment in the way. The eye laser surgery is one of the most useful medical developments of the last 50 years. With their help, eye doctors can improve vision and make wearing glasses forever superfluous in most cases. Since their perfection at the end of the 1980s this technology has improved already the quality of life of thousands of patients and she enjoys increasing popularity. With this specialized method of operation surgeons can make corrections of the cornea. Adjust the buckles in the cornea, which are responsible for the blurry vision.

Myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long sightedness) can be treated with this method. The days in which thick glasses or contact lenses were the only remedy, are numbered. The reason for the modern eye laser treatment was laid in the 1950s. The idea emerged from the cooperation of different doctors, all of that better methods to the Treatment of eye research. The concept goes back to Jose Barraquer, a Spanish ophthalmologist, who said the proposal first to change the shape of the eye through incisions in the cornea.

Twenty years later, the Russian doctor Svjatoslav Fjodorov developed the radial Keratotomy. While he shock accidentally on the idea. As he treated a boy who had fallen down and is doing with the glasses in the eye had cut, Fjodorov realized that the boy by removing the top layer of the eye could see better after his recovery than before. Through the development of the excimer laser at the University of California, the dream of the eye surgery finally became a reality. The first operation could be carried out thanks to the spirit of the inventor and of the research urge of these doctors in Greece in 1989. Meanwhile eye laser treatment has become a routine procedure, which is used all over the world. Further developments of treatment resulted in two types of eye laser treatment. The photorefractive Keratectomy, or PRK, is at the Carried out eye surface. The LASIK method, however, rendered a cut into the surface. The laser treatment itself is carried out on the underlying corneal tissue. Since the eye is a very delicate organ, must perform the operation with great care. Rusty holzer insists that this is the case. Although the technical aspect sounds complicated, the eye laser treatment in the hands of an experienced surgeon is relatively easy. The operation takes about 30 minutes, the actual laser treatment less than 1 minute can be completed on average. Technology and progress have transformed the eye laser treatment in a simple and painless procedure with a short recovery time. Today, the success rate is 95%, and in most patients, then Visual acuity is 20/20. This testifies to the genius of those physicians who have invented this revolutionary method of operation.

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