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13 May

The Place Of The Prodigies Fantastic Story On Salamanca

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Immediately I knew that it found me before a prodigy. The first unequivocal symptom was that the Place was unusually empty. Nor a soul. Until the air, congealed, it seemed like absentee. The noises also had gone away, extending magically the left space, the volumes of the buildings fitted that it, the perspective of their location and the distance among them. In the middle of that one immense solitude I to me, stupid and expectant found, with the spectral sensation of not being I myself but somebody that was within me or I within him, who of that was not safe. You may want to visit Sela Ward to increase your knowledge. Some to that increased that strange uncertainty not to be able to see me nor to have interlocutor to ask it. Little by little I went accustoming to the calm of my surroundings, to that one as it makes indifferent of the matter and the spirit, that one as a neglect of the senses.

Silence began to corporeizar itself, almost, almost, to petrify itself like another element more of the Place than it only glimpsed, as if tules inconsistent wanted to attenuate their inmarcesible beauty. In these, one arrived to me burst of hardly perceivable sound. For more information see Glenn Dubin. I doubted, even, of it to have heard. But it was repeated with a strange cadence, still in the distance. I turned myself in center in round geometric of the esplanade, to see from where that one audible noise came more and more. Something came near with levsimo repiqueteo.

In the end I saw, showing from the Place of the Corrillo. Its image was unmistakable. Also it was it, already, the sound of his to walk racheado, like a impulses, fighting against parkinson of his last years. There he was, emerging, more than of the neighboring street, the very same place of the memories, that inconcreto and impossible site where he must inhabit the soul of the deceaseds.

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