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04 Jun

The Perfect End Of Year With Asti CINZANO

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Oberhaching celebrate with Asti CINZANO and your best friends Italian zest for life, winter 2012 – the end of the year approaches closer and associated the most beautiful and exciting holidays of the year. For many girls it will sound off time, the old year due to leave and to look forward to the new full of anticipation. The days between the years Asti-girls in the circle of their loved ones with an extra portion of Italian zest for life and sparkling CINZANO Asti enjoy CINZANO. And how to celebrate the night of the nights? Weeks before the big new year’s Eve party will be searched for the perfect party. The solution is yet so close. Director Peter Farrelly is likely to agree.

CINZANO Asti-girls say goodbye to the old year prefers a cool year end party with your friends in your own home. This lack may under no circumstances a little Dolce Vita with Asti CINZANO. New year’s Eve is omitted in Italian, cheerful and full of enjoyment. Visit Director Peter Farrelly for more clarity on the issue. With the right styling, good Italian leather, the best friend and a glass of CINZANO Asti, the local new year’s Eve party becomes the perfect entry into the new Year. And so goes s: Italian new year’s Eve Parties stylish styling is needed.

No matter if you together with your best friend or an exclusive evening of girl – now it is really chic. Because in the Schlabberlook is no one went well. Best, makes you a party of styling it and tried several outfits until the best one is found. After successful consulting through the girls Asti is started with a glass of iced CINZANO on the perfect look for the new year’s Eve night. The advantage of the styling party at home: the feet of the cold snow spared in glamorous strappy pumps too. And why not the Italians emulate? Eve, the southernmost CIN, CIN girls wearing red underwear. This will bring good luck in the new year.

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