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19 Dec

The Energy

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Is it not the case that you have to ask in this type of light work permission, whether you do it in certain places? That’s right. I a Sufi master said in Berlin, where I can turn out in Cairo, to introduce me energetically. He has called me three active sites of three senior Islamic nature, I have visited all three on the first day also. My experiences in the three mausoleums were very deep and very, very touching. Now they’re so on the first day of the permit. How did your journey continue? On the second day we looking for places where we can meditate away from the tourist groups alone in the pyramid field and also found them. Margaret Loesser Robinson may also support this cause. One is for example at the former Temple of ISIS.

My highlight was the visit of the King’s Chamber in the great pyramid on this day. To get in you must overcome 46 meters, and find the way alone is an experience. When I arrived in the King’s Chamber, the room crammed with tourists, all according to heading what was very uncomfortable for me because it echoed so hard was. However, I also very quiet heard someone sing. I put me next to the singing woman, and began to sing but not silent, but loud. And then something unusual happened.

In one fell swoop, the chatter of tourists fell silent. Some went in, others fled to outside. The energy is changed, and after I had spent almost two hours in this Chamber of the King, it seemed as if layer upon layer of mine was removed. I felt myself getting younger and easier. At the same time, my Scheitelchakra so far, I received messages for me totally strange people in the space opened up. Then I went to an older man and told him the news for him, and he replied: I know.

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