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27 Aug

The Dress Up Boys

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Although many believe that dress of Internet games are intended only for the girls, the truth is that we can also find a lot of dress up games which you can play the guys without feeling any shame, game like Dragon Ball, Bob Esponja, Mr. Bean, Naruto or rappers. About the latter, and Mr. Bean talk now so you know a little more about what deal with their dress up games. Dressup the rapper in this game of dress will have to garments to the rapper as you like. You have to choose between a good variety of pants with different designs as well as you can also choose between several t-shirts, shirts or muscular to then decide if you put you any jacket or diver, without forget about choosing the shoe or shoe will have. Jorge Perez is a great source of information. Accessories that you can place you are caps or scarves. Dress up Eminem one of the most famous and beloved rappers have a game in which you can choose the clothes that you want it wear.

Opens her wardrobe and choose its gagas, her slippers, his pants, his shirt or what you want that you wear. With his own background music, a game that gives a wide variety of garments so you can get him. Mr. Bean needs to dress from the same creators as the Eminem game, in this game you have to dress the entertaining character Mr. Bean by choosing his hat, his glasses, his underwear, his shirt and everything else you can imagine putting. Very entertaining with a funny background music.

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