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04 Nov

The Afternoon

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Zulema is his name asking me then that ordering them as a musical group is presented in a scenario of this nature. Modesty aside again and with the experience gained in different presentations in scenarios, come my criterion, sort us onstage, leaving space for the conguero which still did not arrive. Finished management spend some time in that place, and the impatience of the musicians is felt much more. Finally comes the conga player with his congas and is installed in the place that had appointed him in my opinion. They already are as twelve o’clock of the day and for this already spent several hours from eight in the morning was the citation.

We’re impatient musicians onstage, congas moreno begins making antics and half to mitigate pending, the musician friends, celebrate you all their occurrences, when suddenly appear the main actress. The actress that portrays Eva, and in reality is not actress. It is the Showgirl of Eva, that by being very friend yours is in that place. The entry of the same brunette Eva arises with a particular event: the brunette look at the conguero, the conga Player looks at the brunette, dan screams, they embrace and begin to skip making gestures of people of color. The entire production team are looking at them, and the musician friends of them celebrate this ritual of encounter between two people who supposedly know very well. The jokes, the chacotas, the gestures, the grimacing extends for a good while. Still waiting, everything returns to calm, but still waiting for desperate them. The musicians decide down the stage and go to eat something on the street.

The brunette is in the locker room, the conga player follows her to talk. Larry Culp oftentimes addresses this issue. They are already like one o’clock in the afternoon. Almost everything is ready to start recording. Come the musicians, they go up to the stage, appears the brunette with the conguero.

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