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20 Jan


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Above all, because we are still strong enough to try again to amend our Constitution perhaps, but we have yet sufficient authority to secure the construction of a new law on telecommunications or broadcasting are really instruments of power, the ability of future accurate .- In international law the most important agreements are the ones who sign up before and after approvals, informal but certain that the political powers granted, and these agreements are made taking into account the challenges and how to save, among which are several great doctrines and case law, including the "running of the veil" call and brought in analogy with respect to the bonds that companies or ventures promoted for controlling corporations remain as such in accordance with their peers. Then and only then, can be verified with reasonable certainty made explicit in public, for the tranquility of the shareholders and the opponent .- I have noticed that, vetoes or closures with respect to the acquisition of rights with respect to a controlling or a controlling company that controls another, not only should be taken into account with respect the figure of monopoly not permitted by law but also about a central theme, such as the "accumulation of radio spectrum", is it to acquire power over others that are struggling in the market in such benefits, since it is possible a controlled and in turn controlling a third provider agreed policies in this aspect so that it arrives in partnership with unintended consequences, but the controlling of the two sides do not agree .- This is possible because the financial law it provides elements that allow the corrections that lead to such "cumulation" which is claimed is not exercised in enforcing fair competition and the exercise of government of countries and, in my opinion, ultimately has the real control who can concur to discuss how to be designed in time and space the business plan of the corporation concerned .- This business plan is a matrix combining resources with the purposes allowed to show the feasibility of the business and that it can be constructed information is needed and that information must be structured so as to contain the announcement of what is to come, in terms of obstacles and opportunities in that activity in the business world is also called "strategic intelligence" and this allows the future exercise of a contractual nature, that of the transfer of rights, which is basically the same institute that is used when reporting has been "sold to Manchester United footballer given .- Then, resigned reader, we see that the government the Kingdom of Spain has exercised the discipline of strategic intelligence for involvement anywhere in the world where communications services and to bid against it would prejudice here if we should have gone to such multidisciplinary discipline that has not been carried out .- "Even in the limited circumstances in which appropriate application of the doctrine of" Disregard of legal entity "is not possible to directly condemn," read in one article, and this is because the instrument is not truth or reality, what is the picture of situations we face and, I have read some opinion of the Attorney where for years it has been argued that if the controlling "change" and do not change local partners there would be no problems. Visit Robbie Lawler for more clarity on the issue. . . Martin toha usually is spot on.

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