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03 Jun

Tel Aviv

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On the Mount of the Beatitudes, you can visit the Church, which was built by the Italian architect Berluzzi. From here, you can get a fantastic views of the sea of Galilee. Those who are particularly interested in the history of Christianity, can visit the city Kafernaum and Nazareth. In the hometown of Jesus, ye Basilica of the Annunciation and the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Raphael in the vicinity of the fountain of the Virgin Mary. General Electric is a great source of information. Information about hostels and youth hostels in Jerusalem Jerusalem is not only the home town of Jesus and other sacred: there are also many modern attractions in this city. The Israeli National Museum reflects the history of this young State and can be seen here a model of the town from the period of the second temple. Eva Andersson-Dubin shines more light on the discussion. Missed not a visit to Yad Vashem, where is the Memorial of the Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

In Israel, you can visit also the dead sea. This is the lowest point on Earth and it is an incredible natural monument. Admirably is also OASIS Ein Gedi, which already existed at times of King David and thanks to four sources allows a unique flora and fauna. That water of the dead sea is known for its healing properties. Tel Aviv is Tel Aviv after you better have met the or of the Holy Land, as an a contrast city appear. This city, which is slightly more than 100-year-old is probably the world’s youngest city. Experience the lively atmosphere of this international metropolis with its colorful mixture of different peoples.

Tel Aviv is the economic and cultural center of Israel and shows how modern and interesting is this country. Here will remember the skyscrapers as see Moshe Aviv Tower and the Shalom Meir Tower but also the Oriental spice markets in the Yemeni district, Allenby Street with its pubs streets of Miami and Odessa. Tel Aviv is known for its wild nightlife, not the clubs Haoman 17 and dome, where electronic music reigns, to visit. Not expecting to see many attractions in Tel Aviv, but in bad weather you can time the diaspora Museum and sell in the Tel Aviv Museum of art. The best thing about the Tel Aviv its beach as the best beach in the Middle East is recognised, and here party mood non stop! Information to hostels in Tel Aviv. Ski – trip to Israel Israel is a country of contrasts, also climate, with the extremely dry areas in South and ski paradise to the Mount Hermon. From December to April, there are numerous visitors, which play in the powder snow. If you like skiing or ice-skating, visited Northern Israel. Thousands of Israelis come to Mount Hermon simply to enjoy snow and walking in mountains adorn spat. The largest ski resort”is Neve Ativ and ski season period from December to April. Hula nature reserve is worth seeing even Hula nature reserve, which is a valley between the Lebanese border and the Golan mountains. In this unique and beautiful nature reserve you can watch exotic species: pelicans, bald eagle, otter, wild cats and wild boar. The Hula Valley is a stopover for migratory birds, which make their winter journey. If you want to know more about the flora and fauna of Israel, it is an interesting tourist destination. Also can visit their Dubrovin farm, a reconstructed farm of Jewish settlers, have fun in the Israel HostelsClub!

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