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29 Apr


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Attention to detail result in optimum overall performance according to the Choice of style and shade using the design sketches for the overall effect important details together with the future bearer of the wedding or evening dress are selected and set. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tony Parker on most websites. This is already happening, taking into account of possible accessories, of jewelry, shoes, and the desired styling. The result is a harmonious appearance back letting the woman at the center of all attention. TaliBoelt design jewelry. Handmade with great attention to detail in addition to the individually finished wedding or evening dress of matching jewelry on request completes also individually designed and manufactured – the overall appearance. TaliBoelt design jewelry collection includes tiaras, Curlis, hair chains, combs or Fascinator with matching veil, earrings, neck – and arm chains or ribbons and badges.

The pieces are made of various materials. Combinations of dissimilar metals, semi-precious stones, polished glass and plastic, semi-precious stones and beads in many colors and shapes, artistic Handmade flowers, Rhinestones, ribbons and feathers offer possibilities to carry out various designs and styles. The high-quality, hand-crafted unique of TaliBoelt design collections give wedding dresses and party gowns a special touch that highlights the personality of the wearer. TaliBoelt design accessories accessories such as handbags, gloves, ring pillows for the wedding, stoles and hats can be made also fit the dress. The selected shoes can be also individually tailored and adapted to the clothes. Depending on the used details in the dress, these are continued in the shoes, and decorated with lace or crystals.

A Recolor of the shoes or a covering with fabric is also possible due to the dress. TaliBoelt design TaliBoelt design services offers all customers and clients relaxed an exclusive and individual service of consultancy to the design and manufacturing of unique dresses, unique piece of jewelry and accessories. In addition to the personal and detailed advice in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere TaliBoelt design offers several services such as personal individual appointments, style advice, makeup and styling advice, dress on their wedding day, custom design children’s fashion, Bridal, Festival fashions and accessories and a 24-hour service from the most important day.

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