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21 Feb

Lose Weight

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Violation of thermogenesis One of them – that's the theory violations thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the system of the organism responsible for the production of heat. If it is imbalance, the calories from food are not converted to energy, and accumulates in the form of fat. One of the signs of violation of thermogenesis may be chilly body. Heat transfer in the body can be normalized by reducing fat intake, as well as additional intake of substances that speed up metabolism. Violation of the thyroid gland Another reason contributing to weight gain – a violation of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland produces a hormone thyroxine, because of the lack of which, as was established by authoritative studies, the weight begins to increase. Also, when a shortage of this hormone increases blood cholesterol levels, the problem starts with cardiovascular activity, there is chronic fatigue syndrome.

Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with being overweight, it is not safe, check with your doctor-endocrinologist. Excessive production of lipase by the body more One reason for weight gain is excess production of lipase by the body. Lipase – is an enzyme that is responsible for processing and digestion of fats coming from food. Excess lipase in the body can be caused both by genetically and is caused artificially. For example, during the diet. When a person gets fewer calories, lipase, begins to work more actively assimilating the incoming oil by almost 100%. Violation of the biochemical processes Violation of biochemical processes can also cause obesity.

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