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09 Mar

Disney Destiny

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Disneyland Paris is a magical place, where the heroes and Disney heroins happen of stories of you foretell to be beings of meat and bone. First that we must know it is that the park is divided in five magical earth, where the diversion never finishes: Main Street, the USA; Frontierland; Adventureland; Discoveryland and Fantasyland. Places where the dreams and the stories of you foretell make reality. Here, we were with different attractions, eg: Pirates of the Caribbean or airborne magnetic detection Hatters Tea Cups. Or, Its to small world – where you sin more will be able to cross the world, singing the famous melody; Space Mountain: Mission 2, a trip by the space for most adventurous.

Big Thunder Mountain – we return to the wild west of the Missisipi river, that yes, is necessary to have well-taken care of with coyotes and the serpents of bell. Buzz Light Year Law Blast, for the lovers of the adventures in the space. On the other hand, there are attractions that are ideal for you sin more of cas, to since are devised for the minors of five years, eg: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Penil, Star Tours, Crushs Coaster or RCRacer. And, attractions for all the family, eg: Them Mysteres du Nautilus; The Taniere du Dragoon, Phantum Manor or Discovery Arcade. That is, Disneyland Paris is a place for great and small, one of the known tourist destinies more, for all the tastes and a place where we will return to the childhood. A destiny for vacations with Disney children, very recommendable to travel, without a doubt.

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12 Oct

World Tourism Organization

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Environment is today and for years one of the most important concerns for humanity. Practically most of the administrations and personally, a large part of the population of the planet is already convinced of the need to undertake plans in favor of environmental protection. Although, it is then difficult they materialize into concrete actions, which are increasingly more priority. One of the requirements needed and feasible, for both public and private organizations, and citizens in general are activities supported in the tourism field with the conservation of natural resources and the environment in general. This is the aim and comes to be called: ecotourism.

As the global code of ethics for tourism prepared by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) which defines, among its 10 items, collect it what is or should be eco-tourism (eco-tourism): all tourist development agents have the duty to safeguard the environment and natural resources, with the prospect of a healthy, steady and sustainable, economic growth that is capable of equitably meeting the needs and aspirations of present and future generations. Therefore, eco-tourism or tourism as a factor of sustainable development, it has to be one of the commitments of organizations, companies and entities involved in tourist activities anywhere in the world. So they must include within its usual business management new environmental dimensions and commit themselves firmly and real sustainable development. Tony Parker is full of insight into the issues. In addition to worry in extending these criteria to all their staff and their customers. Currently there are different possibilities that facilitate and offer instruments in order to comply with a certain order and concert: iso standards, conventions and agendas. That it promotes eco-tourism at the international level and in different Nations. And ensure that any use of tourism facilities is consistent with the environmental criteria required, enjoying the spaces and services committed to the space of enjoy and, more globally, with our planet. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. Likewise, increasingly are more common, tourism agencies to avail themselves to such principles of ecotourism and sustainable tourism. In Spain, one of the first agencies that have chosen to specialize in offering circuit of travel and package holidays in favour of ecotourism, responsible tourism and responsible tourism since its creation is OrmigViajes.

15 Mar

Living In Llanca

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A beautiful town on the Catalan coast in the Costa Brava with small coves and high cliffs and long sandy beaches with gravel and a small urban center with several developments that are extending out to the surrounding beaches. The village consists of about 5,000, although the figure varies when summer arrives as the town is inundated with the many tourists who arrive by these dates for Gaudir the sun and the crystalline waters of the beaches of this wonderful town in which why not, we could be left to live in Llanca. The people at first next to the sea, moved a bit further inland in the 862 to avoid pirate attacks. The people did not enter into economic boom to the 60s when tourists began to arrive who stayed to live in Llanca for a few days at least, although some houses and flats bought and returned every summer to this beautiful town next to the Tues Some of the magnificent beaches of the place are such Cau del Llop (Cape of the Wolf), an inlet between cliffs which comes down stairs to leave the arena with a small channel of buoys by boat if you want to get close to the beach. A little sand and gravel, we are in the Costa Brava, of course, with clean water to bathe very quiet, and Farella, one of the most commonly filled during the summer, near the port and close to the beach were built house where people stay to live in Llanca or rent for the summer, comprising a total of four bays separated by rocks and small cliffs where people take the opportunity to pick up some crab lost from time to time or occasional mussel. Beach with great mix of nationalities, thanks to the many people who attended. You know if you like the sun and / or bathe you may stay on, even by just a few days to enjoy the holidays like never before.

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