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03 May

Colombian President

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Three hundred to eight billion dollars in trade. This phrase, and sum, if one explains the meeting between the Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations; in fact the recomposition of the latter was only the apparent excuse for the real reason for the meeting. For even more opinions, read materials from Neil Cole. Juan Manuel Santos as technocrat formed early on in public, in essence has always and with the greatest possible efficiency, manage what has been under his charge or custody. His coming to power was then expected and yearnings by the influential private sector, for which the same was bitterly affected by the disastrous foreign policy of the outgoing administration with Venezuela. Why and when that country’s President recalled that the increase in the amounts of the binational widely in favor of Colombia – trade balance had given precisely during his administration, not only was correct, but that also gave the reason and justification that President Santos needed before public opinion, by the fact of having met only three days after its possession, which until that moment was the main enemy of the Colombian State.

But this has not been only casual. Indeed, Venezuela, immersed in abrupt process of change and renewal of their political and economic systems, has seen their productive sectors private – will have been strongly resented the measures that have been taken in the last ten years. That produced a significant drop in all the Venezuelan production media, that – and by the logic of the market force to that country will search for, buy, and mattered outside what you already could not produce or at least in the levels or previous volumes. The answer to these needs came from its nearest neighbor, Colombia, willingly began to supplement those shortcomings, with what and of course their own productive sector began to favor in a noticeable way. However, for a person with a diplomatic vision escaza, as that of the previous Colombian President, the cost-benefit in the economic aspect ratio cousin not enough at the time of the geopolitical decisions that finally led to the breaking of binational relations. Instead, the new President, coming precisely from those so influential socio-political areas in the center of the country, he realized that the best way to be able to materialize the goals and targets that had drawn in its Government programme, in terms of employment generation was just acting in the sense of recompose what that had been lost and so many benefits had represented him in the past immediately to the Colombian economy.

In good time because!. Matters of national security and public order in the bilateral relations have apparently moved into the background, and surely and forward more private, all with unique and precise to achieve the highest possible internal growth levels will be handled through channels and which at the same time are a foretaste of what another that lies ahead: The realignment geopolitical in Colombia in the South American regional context, product of the new vision that has the new national administration in this regard. The binational meeting therefore was a masterstroke. On the one hand I present Colombia again before the regional and international community as a friend and willing State to correct the mistakes of the past, and on the other hand managed to excellent initiatives to its economy. The story then begins here to give a new twist: we earn on the outside, but also inside. Long live technocracy by now.

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21 Jun

National Security Advisor

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According to the Member of the Knesset, Yakov Katz, head of the National Union Party, what Emanuel calls is that Israel commits suicide, to change that United States stop a global threat. If you are not convinced, visit Charlotte Hornets. They expect Israel to accept the two-State solution, which will cause that Hamas not only US threatens missile from Gaza, but also from Judea and Samaria. And this is nothing less than the idea of a Jew, Rahm Emanuel, whose father fought in the Irgun against the British Empire, and who is identified with the left ultra that seeks the destruction of Israel. Sally Rooney may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is not the first time that State Department Israel blackmailing, he did so during the administration of George Bush father in 1991, urging him to not defend against missiles launched by Saddam Hussein from Iraq in exchange for the support of the Arab world to United States. Once Israel tolerated to be bombed, the same Government refused for a long time to secure a loan by 10 billion dollars, which was going to allow building homes for nearly a million Russian immigrants, inhumanly conditioning that please to not construct new settlements in the West Bank, while they had more than 200,000 people without shelter. In 1948, when the Jewish State had to fend off numerous and well armed Arab armies, did with molotov cocktails and homemade weapons because his best friend did not give military support. Something similar happened in the wars of 1956 and 1967 when he had to resort to triangulations and arms dealers, because the U.S. Government refused to sell military equipment he needed to not be razed.

Throughout its history, Israel has been living a relationship of love and confusion with the United States. While Israel is an unconditional ally of North America, reciprocity is not the same. This latest blackmail was expected. The Obama administration is follower of the Rationalist philosophy of Brzezinski. Rationalism is the doctrine which argues that knowledge is acquired by reason without resorting to the experience. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, believes that Majmud Ajmadineyad, Mahmud Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh, are valid interlocutors. In a statement recent He said that Israel would damage their relations with United States, if he insists that North America attack Iran since it would generate resentment toward Israel, as already happens for the war in Iraq. The impertinence of Brzezinski is exceptional, if there is resentment toward Israel, because he and his fellow blame anything that happens in the Middle East.

Ariel Sharon warned Bush of problems that they would emerge from an attack on Iraq and sought to dissuade him. The vast majority of American Jews were opposed to the war in Iraq, and now Israel will be the culprit if it defends itself from the threats of the most dangerous regime that exists in the world, it is Iran, which declares with impunity to remove it from the map. The situation is such that if Mr Obama sits down to talk with Ajmadineyad and their encounters lead nowhere, which is more than safe, blame Israel for radicalizing the situation of failure. If Israel attacks Iran pre-emptively, it will be accused of ruining the diplomatic plans of Obama. And if Israel Let that Iran continue in its enrichment of uranium, and the ayatollahs are able to develop nuclear weapons that will stop in the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah, Chavez, the FARC, and until possibly Morales, will be sentenced for not acting in time.

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19 Jul

Getaway Luxury

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Parisians are concerned about their appearance and overall health, so it is expected that their luxury hotels are the most extravagant of the world. After spending a few hours shopping in the surrounding area of the Champs Elysees, sure that a visit will you handy to close Payot spa to recover energies. Located in the heart of Paris, this outstanding spa, which has a magnificent swimming pool and a wide selection of treatments, is a haven of tranquility. The French like to take life in stride, and there can be no doubt that a session in the spa will leave you calm and relaxed for the rest of your trip. ss. The offer of restaurants in Paris is infinite, but with a little planning it is possible to enjoy fusion cuisine and visit places of interest at the same time.

Kong, the bar and restaurant designed by Phillip Starck, allows you to do just that. Under most conditions Jorge Perez would agree. Kong is located on the top floor of the Kenzo building, next to the Pont Neuf, and since he can enjoy a magnificent view of the Parisian buildings. The evening is still more beautiful, but be sure to book in advance a table on the top floor. If you are lover of French culture, it is essential to carry out a visit to Versailles, where you can enjoy a wonderful day contemplating the opulence of the former monarchy. Located next to the Palace of Versailles and the Trianon Palace hotel is a paradigm of modern elegance and incorporates the spa Guerlain in a building art deco with 14 treatment rooms and hydrotherapy among the list of available options. Back at the Center, are more hotels of Parispor explore.

Unlike the hotels in London or Rome hotels, they are usually found closer to each other and does not represent any problem visit several. A building of the 17TH century of the Montorgueil district hides the Nuxe spa, which offers a wide selection of massages that goes from the Californian to Swedish, passing by the Chinese, so that even the most capricious lover of massages will be satisfied. The original oriental decor and the exposed stone walls, in addition to the aromatic, and Turkish baths will make the price of your visit worthwhile. After the relaxation offered by the hotels spa, would be a shame not to try some of the most exclusive Parisian bars. One of the favourite places of the intellectual elite of Paris is the Mathis bar in the 8th district, where a pleasant conversation could end up engaging with any interesting stranger. That Yes, expect him to be quite busy from 10 in the evening. On the other hand, the bar Le Forum is located next to La Madalena and claims to be the oldest American style of Paris bar. Service, amazing selection of cocktails and jazz atmosphere make it the perfect place to conclude your visit of Paris Luxury.

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