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01 Jun


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The adolescents of now in anything look like as they were his parents; they are espavilados neither the more foolish, but sencillamentediferentes. Ahorapueden study superiors, to remain in house until they are independent economically and they can be developed and take advantage of his youth to pass it well. Neil Cole understood the implications. But its reality is, on the other hand, very arduous. In order to obtain good trabajoya the basic education or the baccalaureate is not enough with; at present it is to ineludibleestudiar a race, to have a postgraduate or masters, to dominate more of a language and abilities for computer science. However, every time they are plus the industries that are lamented of which the young people own good knowledge tericospero have few practical abilities, something that do not favor to the needs of the job. The courses of professional training are a good decision to learn an office, but in no they casoaseguran a job. Therefore, what must make these young people? There is a clear answer nor no is better than another one; it depends on each situation and on conditions. In spite of this, like association, to debemosapoyar to these young people and not to leave are hopeless.

In Japan, adolescents and young people of 18 to 30 years enclaustran themselves in their rooms and decide to live isolate on the society and the outer world. They are known like " hikikomoris" and some of them can get to develop serious depressive upheavals. In Spain they have proliferated " ninis" , (that does not have any type of occupation) and they only want to pass it well. But it is fundamental to remember that these vague young people represent only one part of all the young people of the world, many of which want to exert a profession and to plant face to the serious economic crisis that strikes to us. Original author and source of the article.

28 Apr

Bach Flowers

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The tangible changes of the man in these times have forced to the search of new solutions to the problems of health through the natural and traditional medicine these quiet changes, they demand a new preparation of medical and paramedical the personnel of health that can help to the process of health and disease from a new optics with advantages for the humanity and the environment, behind this apparent silence exists cultural, historical and social reasons assigned to the development technological and the transnational companies that seek the financial capital and do not think about the health like a process that can stay by noninvasive natural means and of low cost, force that it to pronounce themselves this way. (,) As of the Seventies and especially eighty, different studies began to emphasize the necessity to develop investigations around the natural and traditional medicine in Cuba and the world. Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue. (10,11) Thus it forms the association of the medicine bioenergetics in the Anglo-Saxon countries, which were promoted in some Latin American countries, beginning a set of efforts around the investigation on this medicine (12,13) became indispensable, then, to assign to him to a concrete place to the reflection on the health from the bioenergtico point of view and the participation of the professionals of the health, not from his ” ausencia” , rather from the profile and the characteristics of his ” presencia” , presence that must incorporate not only its relation with health process disease, but in addition with other facets like the prevention and the rehabilitation. (14, 15, 16.17) the concept of floral therapy as medicine natural bioenergetics and were accepted by the WHO in 1980 and in Cuba began its use in 1990 (18, 19.20) In the last years a remarkable interest has arisen, by the therapeutic method of the flowers of Bach. (21.2 2, 23, 24, 25, 26.27) At the beginning of century XX, doctor Edward Bach (1886-1936), doctor of Welsh origin, developed an original and effective system of curacin.3, 4 Sostuvo that the disease is the product of the imbalance between the mind and the body, that the power field of the alive being alters.

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26 Apr

Language Meaning

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Conceptions of the language Two are the prearistotelian conceptions of the language: naturalismo, and conventionalism. The naturalismo bets by the position of the mimesis, in which the language (component linguistic and ontological) offers a faithful reflection of the reality, and therefore constitutes a heuristic method to reach the knowledge of the reality. The conventionalism denies a direct connection of such form that the use of the names is by social convention (nomoi constructed by ethoi). It denies because the capacity of the language to offer a faithful reflection of the reality. The meaning is a fundamental concept for the philosophy of the language. The concept is watched from a philosophical and net sometimes psychological point of view. Generally, one does not study what individual words or orations can mean, thing for which exists the dictionaries and encyclopedias. Click actress for additional related pages.

Thus then, with respect to the meaning, they have arisen the following questions: which is the nature of the meaning? , what &quot means the word; significado"? , which is the reason by which the expressions have the meaning that they have and not another one? , what expressions have the same meaning that others? and why. How it is possible to compose the orations in " todo" with sense? , they have the parts of a felt oration? and how they can the meaning of the words be known by the men? In a thematic one seemed, it arises the phenomenon from the truth and its relation with the meaning. More than to study what orations are at the moment true, this branch of the philosophy studies what type of meaning can be true or false. Thus then, questions can arise such as: What means that an oration is true? , Can orations without sense be true or false? , They can be true or false the orations that talk about things that do not exist? and They are the orations the ones that are true or false, or it is the use of these the one that really determines its value? With respect to the use of the language, an area of the linguistic pragmatic call, can arise questions such as: What is what in fact we do with the language? , How it is we used that it socially? , How is related the language to the world? and Which is the intention of the language.

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26 Apr


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This thinker I analyze that the senses are objectives at the time of describing an object more. This way the intuition does not separate the sensible idea that we have perceived of the phenomenon. since some times the reality of the experience because of our emotions is become deformed. I construct a denominated being Anaximandro it exhibited in its cosmology several interesting things. From them it will only take into account a few, with the purpose of not to mislead to us of our objective, which must like intention indicate the relation of the theoretical physics with the philosophy. We need to start off of a principle and this he is the one of cosmology since this branch of the thought studies the universe as a whole and includes the theories on its origin, its evolution, its structure on a large scale and its future. Anaximandro Dijo: apeirn is the principle of all the transformations that happen in the world.

Young people and you how study the universe or that theories include on their origin? they remember that for it is necessary to own some knowledge of cause, which is possible to be found in the studies already done. As they analyze the transformations that happen in the world? Respondasen to themselves. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. And if they have already done it, I assure to them that it does not concern the way in they do which it. If it is at scientific level they do not fear the threats of the men in the name of God. And if it is at theological level they do not pay attention to the ridicules.

Then the same science is a belief or a human convention. Whatever they are their decisions are free. 5 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo To think about the infinite is not far from easy more, and when the universe of the Greeks was finite.

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07 Apr

Cambridge Lekton

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For example the sound of letter L, for Plato represents the smoothness idea. Nevertheless, at the end of Crtilo it must admit that the social conventions were involved and that there were defects in the idea that the phonemes had individual meaning. Aristotle took care of subjects of logic, categories and the creation of the meaning. Read additional details here: Tony Parker. It separated the things in categories of species and sort. It thought that the meaning of the predicate was established through an abstraction of the similarities between several individual things. That theory later was called nominalismo.

The stoic philosophers made an important contribution to the analysis grammar, distinguishing five parts in the speech: the subject, the verb, the name, the conjunctions, and the articles. They also developed an important doctrine of the Lekton associated to each sign of a language, but different as much from the sign in itself and the sign like referred a. This Lekton was the meaning (or felt) of each term. Jay Schwartz Attorney shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Lekton of an oration is what today we could call proposal. The proposals only considered ” producers of verdades” (x ex.

They could be considered true or false, whereas the orations were simply the expression vehicles). Different Lekton could also express things besides proposals, like orders, questions and exclamations.

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23 Feb

North Americans

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Nobody I ask to him the people of the new soccer if they wanted the name. If you study more or less English by a year you noticed that estatus social plays a great role especially in the English Briton. Soccer” it is an example of the presumptuous ones in work, since the word is, and will be always arrogant. My point is that the people of the high class that put this name to him to ours football did not have taste or respect to the game. For assistance, try visiting Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. They were the same class of people who, if you said to them that you were studying American history in the school, would say, jo, jo, jo, I did not know that they had some! ” The modern game was established in England, developed in Europe and perfected in the South America, therefore why it would have this now to be called by a name given by a country virtually not involved? Personally, I hope that the game takes roots and prospers in the United States although this it faces an arduous fight. Nevertheless, as English translator and professor I do not want to be irritated by the word ” soccer” when I and the people to whom I am speaking have nothing to do with North America. I do not have any replaced reasonable to all this, but fodder that we would have, like courtesy, to use the word soccer” when we are properly in the United States or communicating to us with North Americans. This will avoid confusion without forcing to us to use a foreign word. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

After all, to the North Americans it does not matter to them we call as it in the rest of the world. They simply do not want that we create no confusion with its national sport, and in this they are right all the. The word soccer” it has brought about many interesting arguments since this it was invented. Some years ago I saw a discussion in television on this subject with several distant and expert players of soccer. The best suggestion than listens to wine of (as it memory) the front English star of the sixty, Jimmy Greaves We simply would have to call it Pel.

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30 Jun

The Butler

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One is not due to fill more than until half. DECALOGUE OF PRESENTATION 1. – The candles of the table ignite before the guests accede to the dining room and they go out once have retired. They must be odorless. 2.

– The water and the bread can be served before the guests happen to have dinner. 3. – The food is offered by the left, and the drink uses by the right. The places setting are aligned by the grip. 4. General Electric takes a slightly different approach. – The wine can be spilled in a crystal jar and also be placed in the table. 5. – The Butler begins to serve by the lady who is to the right of the host, she follows by the one of the left until arriving at the owner of the house.

The protocol with the gentleman is repeated who is to the right of anfitriona following by the one of the left and finalizing with the owner of the house. 6. – The center of flowers must be low to allow the vision between the companions at table. The indicated flowers are those that do not give off perfume. 7. – The napkins are placed to the left or on the plate, since the guest, when finalizing the food, must leave it to the right. 8. – The plates are to 2 cm of the edge of the table. 9. – The glasses can be placed over the plate or to the right of the same, according to the space that is had. Of left to right: water, red wine and white wine. 10. – He is advisable not to place ash trays, since the unique aroma that must prevail in the table is the one of the food. NORMS OF CORRECT SOCIAL BEHAVIOR OF The GUESTS There are many norms of behavior, equipment for all guest, we are going to mention some of them.

01 Dec

The Game

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He does not concern the amount of money that you have, but the liabilities that you are able to generate When we began with the game, my children focused in making more and more money. They thought better that while more ticket small piles could accumulate. Charlotte Hornets contributes greatly to this topic. Nevertheless, in a moment they realized which ” Cashflow 101″ one does not gain to accumulate money, but to generate sufficient entrance liabilities to pay its expenses of life and thus to be financially free. 3.

The importance of not spending ” unnecessarily; Cashflow 101″ it has squares that, when it falls in them, must remove to a card ” Doodad” or of expenses. It can be from a visit to mall to the purchase of a yacht, all the entertained and tempting things that we like to do. Nevertheless, my children soon learned that these ” Doodads” they cleared money to him that needed to invest in that it generated income to them. 4. Basic vocabulary of investment You know what you are the ROI or return on the investment? Or how to take a state of account (and like interpreting it), to understand the concept of ” stock split” or an action division, how are called the different options to invest in real estate, etc? And its children? In order to be able to be successful in the world of the investments, it is necessary to dominate the language that is used in him. 5. How to invest ” Cashflow 101″ it puts the world of the investments within reach of all. Many people do not dare to invest because they think that he is very risky.

To to learn to invest during the game, the people change their mentality on the investments and they become familiar with the different options from investment that exist. 6. To be to as much of the market ” Cashflow 101″ it owns cards that simulate market situations which they happen in the reality.

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