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02 Mar

Plumbing For Public Places

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Plumbing for public buildings. At present, special attention is paid to equipment and equipment of sanitary zones in public areas (industrial areas, business centers, shopping centers, universities, kindergartens, schools, medical and government agencies, as well as other places of mass attendance people.) In this regard, there are high demands to hygiene in public places. That is why, today, so relevant e / contactless plumbing. What is ‘electronic plumbing’? And why is it relevant today? E-sanitary means itself – electronic, contactless devices, mixers, dispensers for liquid soap, hand drying, flush valves and equipment for urinals and toilets, which can be equipped with different types of sensors. Types of sensors: infrared electronics – the sensor responds to reflectors, the radar electronics – equipment responds to volume, sensor electronics – reacts to moving objects.

Also worth noting is that the electronic plumbing operates from a constant voltage and the batteries, this aspect is particularly relevant at the initial planning of sanitary zone. So how will need to run electrical communication to finishing, lining and installation of sanitary equipment. Advantages of electronic, automated plumbing: the first is the maximum hygiene when visiting the toilets in public spaces and places of mass public. You do not have contact with plumbing, enough to bring a hand mixer to an electronic mixer began to pump water, and clean hands to stop the flow of water. The same is true with regard to equipment for urinals and toilets.

That much increases the level of care, and allow to minimize the risk of infection of visitors from various diseases as a consequence of contact with plumbing. Also: e-plumber will allow you to significantly reduce costs and resources associated with the care of plumbing. And remember that e / touchless plumbing – is a pledge of purity and maximum hygiene in any health area, whether it’s a public place or bathroom room in an apartment.

28 Feb

Plastic Windows

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Plastic windows begin their countdown to 1954. It was then that the world was established in Germany, their mass production. Sela Ward can aid you in your search for knowledge. The reason for the demand for PVC windows Steel price hike and shortage of wood energy in Europe. Later, in the 90s plastic window and came to our market. At first they were regarded as "new western", and owners of apartments with PVC windows have been only very wealthy and successful people. Now the situation has changed dramatically – plastic windows have ceased to be an element of luxury and are made available. Demand for windows is growing exponentially, and to analyze the market every year there is a large number of new participants.

Plastic windows have become an integral part of life in virtually all modern humans. About them a lot written and said. And, of course, once they have acquired a lot of rumors and speculation. Next, we try understand and challenge the best known and frequently used. 1. Plastic windows are harmful to human health. The myth in every way like to dissolve the company selling wooden windows to increase demand for its products.

Yes, PVC window product of the chemical industry, but that of PVC, based on which do plastic for windows, now produce the majority of plastic products. For example, electric kettles, pens, packaging yogurt, etc. These objects of fear for the health of us do not inspire, but we strongly try to convince him for plastic windows. 2. Plastic windows install better in the warmer months. All just so contrary. Specialists window Business is recommended to replace the windows in the winter. The rationale is simple – the customer can immediately check the quality of the new window and installation works. Also during the installation of the cold season will be easier detect cracks and other defects in construction walls and eliminate them.