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31 Dec

Customized Loan Agreements

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Builders benefit conditions for the construction of the sharper competition in the credit market and the financing of a home are more convenient. So, the interest rates for mortgage loans remain long at a historically low level. Also, building owners and borrowers will benefit from the persistently keen competition among the loan providers. The battle for customers and market share has intensified again, since insurers must conduct even low-interest KfW loan. Town & country house advises to make sure when comparing the deals not only on the amount of loan interest, but also the flexibility of the loan agreement. Insurers may settle KfW loans to banks and savings banks have lost a major competitive advantage of mortgage lending. Because since April 2013 and insurer that handle important because soft KfW loans for more and more builders are allowed. With the allocation of mortgage loan insurers can generate significantly higher, at the same time similar to secure income with Bunds’, explains Jurgen Dawo.

The cooperation with the KfW may fortify noticeably the mortgage business of insurance. Energy-efficient homes are becoming more popular because of the high and expected to continue rising heating and electricity costs more and more builders opt for so-called energy-efficient homes. At town & country house for example, Germany’s leading manufacturer of brand houses, were about 40% percent of all homes sold in the fiscal year 2012 to the category of eligible energy saving”. Equal to a wise decision in two respects.

11 Jun

Process Optimization In The Back Office For Withholding Tax Reclaims

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RQuest by Halvotec enables automated recovery now for investments abroad, mostly relating to withholding tax on investment income must be drained off. Application for the recovery of these taxes is a very labour-consuming and often faulty paperwork, which itself can go on for years. But soon this will change in the financial business. Halvotec information services GmbH has developed an IT solution which handles the recovery of foreign withholding taxes as much as possible automatically and tamper-proof. German investors that create capital abroad, mainly through foreign securities, and it will receive income, pay taxes, so-called withholding tax, on this abroad as well as at the German Treasury. So that the investor is not double inclined, these taxes can be claimed part of the German income tax. To get back but also the often higher rates of foreign withholding tax, this tax directly from abroad must Re to be demanded.

Since the application for the refund of withholding taxes but is complicated and confusing, this is done usually as a paid service by the financial institution of the investor. A comprehensive special knowledge about the processes and a tremendous management skill is necessary to an appropriate financial institution employees. You must all required country-specific application forms and certificates currently exist have. However, their own forms and regulations, which are subject to change at irregular intervals exist for each country. For the timeliness of the forms and compliance staff in the financial institution must take care. Furthermore employees must keep all dates and deadlines to apply for in the eye. That an application process well over many years can pull, plays no role. For financial institutions, this means that your employees invest a lot of time and they money thus in the management of the recovery must.

You must ensure that no deadlines are missed, administrative costs not exceed the expected refunds or mistake in the application. In addition, a revision of security is almost impossible. Now the Rosenheimer Halvotec information services company has developed an IT solution in cooperation with large financial firms, which reflects the recovery of foreign withholding taxes and audit-proof makes. The program RQuest automatically takes over the existing data, prepares them, reflects the appropriate applications and deadlines clearly for the users, and manages the operations. We pride ourselves on our innovative product, which we have developed in close collaboration with financial companies and already successfully introduced in companies”so Alexander Lerch, Managing Director of Halvotec GmbH. the work of the user is facilitated scary. Simply put he must select only the applications, print and send abroad.” The program logged in the entire application process and monitors them. By the submission of the pending review of the funds have been received, as well as the creation of retirement at a glance can be captured. This IT solution means a very significant costs savings in the financial world. Where today the work in this area was very management-intensive and costly, financial firms is now allows to save enormous costs. Simplifies the management of applications, errors in the submission or the see of deadlines are excluded and significantly reduce costs. Also offers revision security complete the system with the included 4-eyes principle. Financial services, seeking further information about this IT solution, see a detailed description of the product RQuest of Halvotec GmbH. Halvotec information services GmbH