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01 Jun

Elemental Zodiac Signs

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The second half of October will be generally very good, except the very end of the month – October 27-31. In those days formed squaring the Sun to Mars, which could lead to conflict. Aspect says too strong manifestation of aggression. May occur a collision with the will of others, overstretch, wasteful expenditure of energy. Therefore, the result of this transit can be physical exhaustion and even illness associated with fatigue and fever. Mars gives impulsivity, militancy, short temper, the need to actively manifest, to break the fetter the circumstances, draw attention to themselves. Undesirable interfere in any risky situation, make rash acts, to take hasty decisions, strive to achieve all at once, with a plaque, exceeding its capacity.

This is the only danger of the second half of October. For assistance, try visiting Celina Dubin. Given the unusual aggressiveness of Mars at this time and not run up to conflict, in October, you can achieve great results even though the uranium would be to spoil the picture at the beginning of the month. Representatives cheteryh Elemental Zodiac Signs very differently perceive the "turbulent" October. Fire signs – such as Aries, Sagittarius and Leo will be impatient to wait for the end of the period, unfavorable to the new enthusiasm to rush to conquer new frontiers. Water signs – Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios are torn between a desire to delve into their inner world, to be alone with yourself and the desire to prove to the world – especially those who have hurt their pride – that they are all right. Signs of water will be more militant in October than usual.

Therefore, by all means try not to hurt their feelings. October will be the most difficult month for signs of Earth – Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus because they are very hard to tolerate sudden change – that is, what is the quality of Uranus. It goes without saying that Aquarians, and with them, and all air sign (Gemini, Libra) will feel in their native element. Besides the fact that they control the planet Uranus in this sign will be all the good of the planet this year – and Neptune, and Jupiter, and Chiron.

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22 May

In Philadelphia

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Presented? What do you do – take a piece of paper and pen or open the program Word And in my head is empty, the vacuum Familiar? Although last night when you go to bed, in your head have experienced this great Association, words with no problems evolved into sentences, and in the head occurred real picture, the benefits that will be your subscribers will examine your training course. Where did all this had happened in the morning? Where the ease of phrases and improvisation, along with humor? I am sure that with such a 'small stuff' facing a very Many site owners and senior newsletters. It turns out that there is a very simple and reliable way, how quickly to engage in such work. And this process takes just a couple of minutes. Heard a word – Furious? Usually this the word is used in relation to the engines on an airplane, when sharply increased thrust of the engine. It turns out that this is true for the brain, can also dramatically increase its thrust. Read carefully about the Treasure of the brain, sure you need it. Simply and quickly.

And the last 'detail' for today. In Philadelphia, a city in the U.S., there is a music school. Those children are taught to 4 – 5 years to play the violin. Want to know how the first lesson looks at this school? All – children, parents, teachers, festively dressed, going to the school hall. Children with a violin and bow in his hands raised to the scene. (This is the first lesson.) When a child reaches the middle of the stage, he turned and bowed.

All public applauding, whistling and shouting 'Bravo'. After this the child leaves the stage and sits in its place. And that's all. The first lesson is over. # Get rid of the fear of public speaking, so this is called 'fines' way, according to surveys of psychologists among adults, the fear of public speaking is in second place, after the fear of death. Is not this an occasion to reflect on such 'trifles', and most importantly time to deal with them. In our life there is no 'little things', because failure of one thing – this 'small thing', which has successfully managed other successful people!