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11 Feb


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Today, the use of free or as a fashionable name, freeware programs for their own purposes is very important, than it has ever been. A leading source for info: Howard Schultz. Producers realized that letting the program for free, they will gain a lot of potential consumers. Large companies in the field of writing programs already embarked on the path of free distribution of its products. The success of this provision of the manufactured product, of course, there is. Now try to understand all the 'pros and cons' for both the creators of the software, and for their potential customers. First you'll notice that the programs are presented without financial reward.

In times of crisis, it is circumstance is especially acute for any man. In this case, competitors analyze these processes and provide similar programs for free. Therefore, all the IT-firms can not miss this opportunity. For any paid software or program can find its free counterpart. In dignity '' software can be attributed to rapid availability of the web. To learn how to use it, you can download without using the services of sites of virtual payments. If take into view the fact that in the country, many people have no experience with electronic money to pay, then use it, the more people will not.

There is a narrow-portals on topics software. These sites can be free download programs for their needs. Many portals are functioning without scrolling advertisements. Program, often stored in some stores where you can download the software rather quickly. Working with free software, you get a conclusive experience. Users get such good skills of professional programs in the future can easily find a good job, the duty which resonates with the use of this software. There is extra money for the creators of the programs, since most of them use the medium of programs for displaying advertisements. In addition to positive aspects of freeware products, there are some negative aspects. In an abundance of programs in the 'free wrapper' rarely come across functional and decent food. Conception of the functionality available only in paid analogs. Software without monetary compensation and paid together, and there are 'pros' and 'cons'. What programs to use, think for yourself.

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20 Apr

Windows Explorer

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Software features: Support for dual-layer discs with four dvd.Stiranie metodami.Sozdanie and burn iso and bin / cue images diskov.Skanirovanie scsi / ide bus for searching and collecting information about the devices record diskov.Sozdanie copies diskov.Import sessions from multisession discs and adding to them new sessiy.Sohranenie audio tracks to wav, wma, ogg and mp3 formaty.Tak a free program for business, it will be tested in this article. cd Burner : CDBurnerXP – a free program to burn cd, dvd, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. It also has features such as creating and writing ISO-images, and multi-lingual interface. Everyone, including the business can use it absolutely free. The program does not contain any banners, malicious modules and malicious components.

Since the program is free for business, it will be tested in this article. Final : Final Burner – a freeware program that lets you create data CDs and music, create and burn ISO-images. The program can be used by home users and companies. Since the program is free for business, it will be tested in this article. Testing programmTesty selected programs will be made on a laptop hp nc6220 with the following characteristics: CPUIntel Pentium M 2.0 GHz 1 coreRAM1 GBHDD80 GBVideoIntel 915GM/GMS ExpressCD / DVD-privodHL-DT-ST rw / dvd GCC-4247N ATACD-ROMTDK CD-RW 700 mb 16x SpeedOSWindows 7 a built-in Windows Explorer program to burn CDs – this module operating system Microsoft Windows. For the company it does not cost anything and is very easy to use. With this program you can burn files to cd, dvd and Blue Ray discs.

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