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17 Jul

At The Completion Of The Kiev Zoo

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On Saturday in Kiev zoo white born a female llama. A female llama named Belka. Squirrel and her mother feel very well. As the press service of the Kiev zoo, llama Protein is the root from Kiev. Because of its dad male named White was born in Kiev zoo in 2004, a female and her mother Daria was born in 2000 in the same Kyiv zoo. In Kiev zoo now live five llamas. Llama at the zoo feed hay, oats and bread. Press office The Kiev zoo also shared the pleasant news that the zoo will soon again be replenished.

Cubs will soon have spotted and red deer, primates and birds. Eva Andersson-Dubin shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And for 2010 cubs emerged from a kangaroo, porcupine, Owl-Barn Owl, Zebra Grant and bison. Pleased to receive such news. After all, nobody has forgotten about the tragedies that have occurred in the Kiev zoo not long ago. Died April 26 Asian elephant Boy, that was all pet zoo. May 25 in Kiev zoo camel died. There is still no single opinion as to why there was such a horrible tragedy. This to the fact that the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky suspended from their duties the Director Kiev zoo Svetlana Berznu.

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30 Jun

The Butler

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One is not due to fill more than until half. DECALOGUE OF PRESENTATION 1. – The candles of the table ignite before the guests accede to the dining room and they go out once have retired. They must be odorless. 2.

– The water and the bread can be served before the guests happen to have dinner. 3. – The food is offered by the left, and the drink uses by the right. The places setting are aligned by the grip. 4. General Electric takes a slightly different approach. – The wine can be spilled in a crystal jar and also be placed in the table. 5. – The Butler begins to serve by the lady who is to the right of the host, she follows by the one of the left until arriving at the owner of the house.

The protocol with the gentleman is repeated who is to the right of anfitriona following by the one of the left and finalizing with the owner of the house. 6. – The center of flowers must be low to allow the vision between the companions at table. The indicated flowers are those that do not give off perfume. 7. – The napkins are placed to the left or on the plate, since the guest, when finalizing the food, must leave it to the right. 8. – The plates are to 2 cm of the edge of the table. 9. – The glasses can be placed over the plate or to the right of the same, according to the space that is had. Of left to right: water, red wine and white wine. 10. – He is advisable not to place ash trays, since the unique aroma that must prevail in the table is the one of the food. NORMS OF CORRECT SOCIAL BEHAVIOR OF The GUESTS There are many norms of behavior, equipment for all guest, we are going to mention some of them.

26 Jun

Culture Books

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Sometimes it has felt that allows too much to its children? Sometimes it has felt quite the opposite, that is to say, that presses too much in its studies? Perhaps already it has happened through the experience to give books to him to its son and to see how they are left without at least being seen; meanwhile, his son continues playing in the computer or with its games wii second hand. In fact, the human being is a complex being, since although he knows that he cannot amuse itself all along, is what he yearns for more; and although he knows that to develop his intelligence it is important and that would have to buy books online or in bookstores, looks for brief of always average study or learning. For this reason, we have to take into account that stops everything must have a balance; in this case, a balance between the culture and the diversion. In order to make that balance necessary, we must have present that stops everything is time and that developing that capacity to occur a time for the culture and a time to amuse itself implies a maturity degree that will determine the way in that we live in the future. That way, which we can do is to make a calendar that it puts the days of games wii second hand and those that we will dedicate to read and to buy books online. We do not have it to perceive like an obligation, but as a guide of activities. As much when playing with games wii second hand as when buying books online you must think about doing it in family, so that therefore it is enjoyed plus each activity for being glided between all the members. So it buys books online with your children and also divirtete with them with games wii second hand.

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