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19 Feb

Chuck Norris For Newt Gingrich

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Newt Gingrich gets powerful help: they know the Chuck Norris? Chuck Norris does a push-up, he pushes the world down. Or the? Why is Chuck Norris at light sleeping? Because the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris. Continue to learn more with: Margaret Loesser Robinson. Or: global warming does not exist. Chuck Norris was just cold, so he turned the sun up. Sela Ward often addresses the matter in his writings. You wonder how Chuck Norris has promoted itself in the day of truth? Well, anyway, not with a “roundhouse kick”, the fighting technique involving the B – movie and series Hero (“Missing in action” 1-3, “Walker, Texas Ranger”) done countless opponents of film. Hear from experts in the field like MMA for a more varied view.

No, Chuck Norris (and his wife Gena, as he pointed out) decided to support Newt Gingrich publicly in the US primaries for the presidential candidacy. Well, and if I did, you might think. We find wait. Newt Gingrich gets powerful help: allow for Chuck Norris but first of all Chuck Norris himself going, in this case on, the official website of the campaign by Newt Gingrich, where Norris, next to Ronald Reagan’s son Michael, Gingrichs former rival candidate Rick Perry and Sarah Palin – you sure still remember – is listed as a prominent supporter. And as expected, the chemistry between the two southerners Carlos (!) is Ray “Chuck” Norris Jr. and Newton Leroy Newt”Gingrich excellent. Because, as Norris, of the remaining Republican candidates Gingrich was the only one he trust it, due to the United States to alter size (“to her glory days”). To coin a first key element of conservative American choice rhetoric – as the days of Abraham Lincoln as Ronald Reagan. The mission is bigger than any man of Gingrich, so Chuck Norris continues somewhat ambiguous, just be the best man, who is still left on the field of battle (“battlefield”), Obama and his campaign machine to outwit, play and survive (“outwit, outplay and outlast”). The cold, inhuman adversary is so named, the applies for the Texas Ranger and his friends with the heart in the right place to do it.

04 Jan

Austrian State

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It has increased the tax rate by approximately 54%. The Tabaksteuer(1996/2009): 17.560.200.000,-euro as the Austrian State has adopted no less than 17.560.200.000,-euro between 1996 to 2009 from the title of the tobacco tax. For the 2010 budget year EUR 1.3 billion in tobacco control are specified in the federal budget in turn.Because you amounted to considerably more than 1.4 billion euros since 2006 revenue from the tobacco tax, then it will come probably this year close to that amount. Thus 1996 no fewer than 19 million euros into the State coffers will be flowed with end of the year since the introduction of the tobacco retail monopoly. Without hesitation Anna Belknap explained all about the problem. On the basis of the comparative figures for 1996 (EUR 894,6 million) and 2009 (1.457,6 million), is to read, that have increased the revenue no less than 63%. This is unique compared to other duties and taxes for Austria. Tax and levies 2011 will be strong in the currently heated debate on the budget 2011, the is the Federal Government refused to assign the Austrian National Council deadline until October 22, 2010, the consumables were called by subject matter experts among other things also repeatedly petroleum and tobacco as control objects, you could attract even more to a contribution to the State’s coffers. The reality is that both tax increases will occur.This could revive two phenomena in Austria from 1 January 2011 in turn, tank tourism in neighbouring countries and the illegal import of tobacco goods from neighbouring countries. Both would reduce the bottom line not only medium – and long-term tax and tax revenue, but threaten the guilds of the tobacco Trafikanten and petrol stations. Whether in addition to the financial the economic point of view in the tax policy takes place, everyone eagerly await.

26 Dec

Many Elderly Are Not Sufficiently Informed

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Despite a rising number of infirm people in our country, many of their right to free and independent advice are not informed. Currently about 2.25 million elderly people live in Germany, and forecasts show a rapid rate of increase for the next few years. Our population is getting older and thus increases the risk to be care, i.e. a person becomes older, higher increases the risk that he will care. Already every second it must adjust to be care in the age.

According to a study, 42% were from all the men who died in 2008 and even 60% on foreign aid by all women. Unfortunately, the topic of care case is”or long-term care” within the family is still a taboo subject. ” A representative Forsa study published in November indicates that approximately 60% of Germans have heard from mid-2008 agreed improvements in the care. Two-thirds of the survey (the above) 60 year old even approx. 80%) know not their legal entitlement to independent, neutral, and comprehensive maintenance advice.

As the confrontation with the topic for many families, children, or relatives comes unexpectedly. In most cases, then quick action is required: affected individuals and their families in the newly established care centres receive comprehensive help. Unfortunately, the knowledge of the maintenance bases in the population is rather low. Their combined and coordinated assistance and support services are largely unknown victims and relatives. This care reform consider 2008 even better the wishes and needs of infirm people and to help them to live, to live and to be cared for, how they want it. There a number of support and funding programmes. So caregivers received after six months claim to care representation on the holiday. Also the temporary exemption from work (up to 10 days), as well as the new maintenance time (Exemption from work up to six months) offers are the care recipient and are concentrated on the working families for good. Was also introduced the care level 0, for all ages-confused people who still do not meet the entitlement of care level 1, but still have a need for care. Also the stationary accommodation is supported especially by dementia sufferers people additional assistance and care services. Gerhard Schanz care

21 Nov

Advent, Advent, A Light Burns. First One, Then Two, Then Three

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In a week, it’s time. In Pirna near Dresden, the first social Christmas market takes place. Mr Michael Geisler, Landrat of Sonnenstein will open on December 12th, 2009 at 14:00 h officially the Christmas market Pirna and patron of the event. Traditionally, this is done with the cutting of a tunnel, which is kindly provided by country bakery of Schmidt in Cunnersdorf. Even Santa Claus and the snow Queen will glow bring children’s eyes on December 12 and 13 and for a pre-Christmas atmosphere. Colorful goings-on at 3. advent from 14.00 h till 19.00 h at Sonnenstein on the Varkausring 108.

On both days of the 3rd advent expected visitors to the Christmas market Sonnenstein a colourful goings-on on more than 10 stalls in the Interior and exterior of the Varkausringes 108. for many small and large surprises is taken care of, so the organizers. All children, parents and grandparents offers a varied stage programme, Christmas crafting offers, magical fairy hour, singing and much more. For the physical well-being is taken care of. With the Christmas market Sonnenstein on December 12-13, 2009 the foundation stone for a beautiful tradition should be. The Christmas market Sonnenstein it aims to to allow the Pirnaern to a contemplative and peaceful in anticipation of the Christmas season and to lay the groundwork for a beautiful tradition that will continue in the coming years. Because it is a social Christmas market, the entrance is of course free and the prices for drinks and food cheap. The numerous large and small visitors will have also have the one or the other way to make a gift or a Christmas treat yourself or buy.

This week all the hard-working helpers have the last chance to make a small donation in the form of a gift in the Varkausring 108, that advent to the visitors of the market will be passed on to the 3rd. All participating institutions with great commitment the Christmas market Sonnenstein in life called, the most December 12-13, 2009 each from 14.00 h 19.00 h for the first time welcomes its visitors. All those involved are very excited about and enjoy a Merry get-together in advent. Thank at this point all hardworking volunteers and supporters of the project ever for their extraordinary dedication. Ms. Carola Schaschek questions can be answered more like to see.

09 Nov

Dance4Life And Durex Start Nationwide School Challenge

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Early April dance4life and Durex a nationwide awareness campaign against HIV and AIDS, the school challenge 2011 start for the first time in German schools. Start dancing, stop AIDS! Early April dance4life and Durex a nationwide awareness campaign against HIV and AIDS, the school challenge 2011 start for the first time in German schools. Not without reason: current figures show that the topic still gaining relevance. With a unique blend of music, dance, and information this relevancy rousing way is conveyed to young people. The highlight: All participating young people can after the workshop to a spectacular live concert by a popular band apply, the Durex in collaboration aligns with VIVA exclusively for the winner’s school. The applications of the schools will be accepted now. The workshops of dance4life, the world’s largest with 500,000 young people in 27 countries youth movement against HIV / AIDS show that enlightenment is not only important, but can be fun. Start dancing stop AIDS!” is the motto of dance4life.

Together with the world’s leading condom manufacturer Durex a nationwide awareness campaign starts for the first time, which is specially designed for students from the 8th grade. “The distinctive feature: interactive workshops, the young people themselves become Ambassadors, the so-called agents4change”. For participation in all German schools now can apply until May 15, 2011. All information is available under. Total visited the dance4life crew, consisting of dancers, musicians, Peer – Edukatoren, and people living with HIV, together with the Durex-supporter – Team Germany 48 schools. Here conveyed according to a unique principle of responsible dealing with HIV and AIDS: young people have fun at youth culture, music and dance. Tony Parker can provide more clarity in the matter.

Dance is something that unites and links across the country. The linking of information and education with dance and music appeals to young people on a level, the for She is attractive. Personal stories of young team members affected by HIV make experience the issue and remove fear of contact.