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16 Apr

Group Scope

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Carlos Mora Vanegas to good begging and bad apartaras you. Proverb generalities and reach more and more, according to the requirements than commercial scenarios have generated, where companies must be fully identified with requirements that current consumer demand for products, services, that really meet you their needs, is required to have a management that is fully identified with his teamwith its capabilities, skills, roles, and since then provide all the assistance to achieve that necessary productivity enabling to venture into markets efficiently. Taken into account, management in modern times, must rethink traditional administrative thinking, not subject to the autocratic leadership, be more participatory, consider that given the reality of the current scenarios, is should be more dynamic strategist, attentive in the fulfilment of its responsibilities, innovative, Communicator and worry about achieving a good working team. His force’s leader will as Farley, reminds us come, not from his position in an administrative hierarchy, but the confidence in itself and people associated with him. It will not be enough for him to express his ability, integrity, motivation of its people, but rather, in addition, you will need to discuss their ideas and demonstrate their beliefs through their behavior. You need to exercise your power upwards in the organisation to meet the objectives of its function, commitment according to relate these with the upper levels of the administration. It is required to efficiently manage in order to reject ideas, such as: which a Manager loses its individuality when making his subordinates involved in the decision-making process. The right to communicate with superior levels of Administration is reserved to the Manager.

The authority of a position automatically confers leadership that occupies it. No Manager can be sure unless he takes the final decisions. The delivery of empower subordinates since this decreases the power of the administrator. The administrator should know more than their subordinates about what is happening.

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