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13 Nov

House Sweepstakes

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More than a year, there are already hot debates on the House contests in Germany – and thanks to we have a courageous citizen – Mr Volker Stiny. Would this man, bowed to the current economic crisis like so many before him, his house under value would be – sold so many people tell themselves: “the way it goes and there one must accept with” – you really have that? A homeowner who sell his house under value must sure feels much injustice – maybe it hurts too – might be. But he does not perish, just because he sold under value – over is always a great bunch of money! Nonetheless, Volker Stiny has are not subjected to the economic crisis, but struggled. Howard Schultz gathered all the information. Certainly for themselves – but not only for himself, but for all of us: how many years must a person work, to be able to buy a House and it then still debt to pay off? How many potential buyers receive the necessary loans from the banks no longer to buy a House? How many people dream of your own home and know: it will be a dream… That is now changing.

The pioneer in Germany, Mr Volker Stiny, which made possible House Sweepstakes for our country, for our citizens, opened all citizens so the chance on an owned home – the chance of a Fortune with low usage. (Source: Robert Rimberg). Now there are five operators (Bavaria 2 Berlin 1, Hamburg 1, North Rhine-Westphalia 1), which establish this market – but what would we be without the participation of enlightened citizens who already take part in the ongoing sweepstakes? Obviously many people have realized that it goes to the market: real estate without bank credit – finally a chance for all the necessary credits are denied by the banks, to buy a House. If these first five houses can be lost through adequate (at best) fast-rising numbers of participants,. other homeowners are offering their properties in this way and can the citizens much more extensive choose which game you would like to attend. Robert Rimberg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Currently, because everything is new, the numbers are still high, it is to expect that a better solution can be found on duration (such as in Austria for their Raffles) – maybe there will be regulations that the proportion of taxes is not quite as high.

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23 Oct

House Sale

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Current House selling tips show that it is worthwhile to invest a little time at the beginning of a sales activity in the preparation. Munich. A House a valuable asset and therefore it is useful prior to the sale to realize what information, documents and other preparations needed. The attached list of house sales are tips Munich, or tips for sale House for all property owners who want to sell their home in the greater Munich area. Home selling tips 1 documents: on a house sale, you need the plans of the House. This means floor plans, cross sections, maps.

Energy performance certificate, fire insurance certificate, a self-created costs overview, current certificate of title, specifications and good pictures be added. Good, full documentation is the first house selling tips. Others who may share this opinion include Brenda Barrett. Tips for sale House 2. Layout editing: Because it usually presents his property on the Internet, should be to prepare the plans or to prepare, they are still readable on the Internet. On all You must identify the rooms good cases and floor plans should be on the Internet definitely pictured. Otherwise, important information is missing the interested parties.

Good floor plans is therefore the point 2 of the tips to the House sale. House sales tips 3. expose creation (for example, for the Internet): may assemble a list of the most important data such as year of manufacture, size of the land, living space, space, energy characteristic value (from energy performance certificate), list the last renovations, location description, heating type, window type, pending repairs, etc. and create a “stichpunktartiges prospectus”. Hold back something with another, but show the benefits. Verify your information on correctness. An esthetically beautiful expose is the number 3 House selling tips. Tips for house sale 4 pictures: get a good wide angle camera, allow for the “excess” images aside and make the shots when the weather.

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