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05 Oct

The Child

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It is much better for the psyche of a child, to experience as a parent may lose the papers and then apologizing for it. In this case, scientifically man enrich his belief, if he realized that his attitude was very sadistic, and slapped his son would not leave him any lasting impression. Peter Farrelly often addresses the matter in his writings. For all the above and in summary, we conclude that each of us holders of a mapaa . Map, which contains the beliefs and ideology and family with whom we have to move through life. As an analogy, we know that a road map is the symbolic representation of it, but not the road itself. However, most humans think their map is the territory or what is the same: a I see through my glass is the reality . As I tell my patients: a if your map is of the sixteenth century is not going to have to find a Ayala Street. My job as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist is to update maps.

A derivative of the above, is that when two people share the same optical communication fails and if communication fails, always be allocated each wickedness or folly. Let's see this with an example. Imagine for a moment that those seated at a table before me and between them there is an ashtray. If I tell you, you can pass me the ashtray white please? You answer me that of course, but he is black. I insist that it is telling you white, you answer me that black, white … I do that and so, after this struggle, it is likely that you begin to think I'm sick in the head, because from your perspective, is clearly black (I will do the same with you), but if I keep insisting that it is white, come a time when you thought that not only am crazy, but I am very bad person because you want enloquecerte. As we see, to begin any process of change is absolutely imperative that patients begin to be aware of a su opticaa and how this influences all relationships. To access the other tabs you can check me.

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