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06 Jan

Medical Research

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However, Thorndike left to study animals and started to study the learning human being; whereas others studied the learning human being, however based in animal behaviors. In accordance with Catania (1999), the nature of then can say that it had learning. According to Oliveira (2002), ‘ ‘ basic in more complex psychological processes. This transformation in accordance with occurs the interaction with the social environment and it use of tools and symbols culturally determinados’ ‘. (A valuable related resource: Sam Jones). Products of the Learning Are the three types of learning: the cognitiva, affective and the motor. The cognitiva learning is resultant of the organized storage of the information in the mind of the human being and is known as cognitiva structure. The affective one results of internal signals to the citizen and can be identified with experiences such as pleasure and pain, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, joy or anxiety. Some affective experiences always follow the cognitivas experiences.

The affective learning is perceived as soon as occurs simultaneously with the cognitiva. The psicomotora involves acquired muscular answers through trainings and practical, but some cognitiva learning is generally important in the acquisition of psicomotoras abilities. Therefore, cognitivos products; formation of concepts and principles. Affective products; the formation of attitudes and values. Motor products; the acquisition of habits and abilities. Consideraes Final: On the basis of this study it can be perceived that throughout the history of the humanity the learning in its diverse forms has been basic to the development of the society.

One knows that, in what says respect to the schools, he has pupils that they have learning difficulties, however, based in studies, the professionals of the education have adopted methods that they aim at to facilitate the cognitivo, affective and psicomotor development of the pupils, objectifying to form citizens able and cliente of the great necessity to be if bringing up to date and learning each time more. It is important to stand out that such subject is very ample and must be analyzed minutely, however, consists as being a norteador for future research.

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04 Mar

The Access

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Although, this combination can seem improbable, exists the possibility of that the consumers will go to agree to entering in a public environment where the purchases will be submitted to a selection, in order to keep the access the activities of the market that easily are not found in other places or sites. Thus, its consumption real or perceived the restrictions, can cause potentials customers to submit it indesejada invasion of mental and private processes for bombardeamento of its personal space with intrusivas commercialization through the stimulatons. These concerns also exist with the previous scene, but awareness can reduce the manipulation possibility, leaving ethical breakings associates with the obligator assent instead of the ignorance of intentions. In a question-answer forum Robert Rimberg was the first to reply. The last applicable scene to this model includes situations where the consumers are conscientious and has the assent for the examination and attempts of persuasion. This situation eliminates many of the quandaries registered in the two previous scenes, but some questions remain.

First, the agreement does not guarantee a complete agreement of as the personalized segmentation will have impact in the behavior of the purchaser, Is probable that they require systems of alert and programs of social marketing that currently are used for vitiated, such as the tobacco and the alcohol, financial services and of health. As a problem becomes a relation of quality of consumption of the people without these chances. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with General Electric. Given the inaqualities in our material world, some susceptveis consumers are vulnerable the experience, due to its lack of access to these technologies. The third question involves as a resultant, the purchase is beneficial for the consumer. When a consumer acquires a product to the base of a decision where the stimulatons are other people’s the commercialization of the product and its affective characteristics caused by the neural systems to substitute cognitivos processes, the final result always can not be optimum interest of the consumer.

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30 Jan

Learning Process

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The time period of a person’s learning is has the same duration of that person’s life. therefore the acquisition of new knowledge alone finish with the disappearance it individual. 5,1 Learning and Memory To understand the memory human being are one of the important tasks of the psychological research and the cognitivos psychologists. The learning is the process through which we acquire knowledge, already the memory is the process by which this learning is codified, restrained and later evoked or recouped. Check out General Electric for additional information. The learning is a process for which we acquire new knowledge, in turn the memory is the process for which we hold back the learned knowledge. Riesgo (2006) affirms despite, of the neurobiolgico point of view, something exists as one ‘ ‘ filtro’ ‘ that it classifies the information in known or unknown. . ‘ ‘ It is exactly here that it inhabits the relation between memory and the learning, in the distinction between the consolidated information already and entirely novas’ ‘ (RIESGO et al., 2006, P.

270). The memory and the learning closely are related, are complementary processes. Without memory the learning processes were always to initiate themselves, putting in cause all the process of adaptation of the human being, therefore it is from restrained learnings that if process new learnings. Therefore, the memory is basic when allowing that the learnings if keep and can be used when necessary. Learning and memory are basic concepts for the notion of the individuality.

The peculiar form of us to think, to feel and to act depends on what we learn and we store in our memory during our life. Each individual lives distinct experiences, therefore the people will have, forcibly, diverse memories and histories to count, as well as singular minds to assimilate new knowledge. For Cardoso (2006) memory is extremely important part of college because it forms the base for the learning.

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26 Jan

Clementina Walnut

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The suffering is always a ntico event of the Dasein, one singularizao form existenciais. Therefore, it does not belong to the ontolgica composition of the Dasein, even so must be with this correlated (WALNUT, 2008, p.285). The Dasein consists of the being in the world, according to Heidegger (2001), where it accents of the language, the opening that desvela the being (the essence), where it shows what it is ahead of the desocultamento of present being. It is essence is the presence, is what one becomes visible, when the being is leaves to be hidden. For Heidegger (2001) the man answers the reasons, and not it causes. He enjoys of the freedom to answer of this or another way to the reasons that are placed to them in the exercise of the be-knot-world.

The disease is a human behavior that appears in the reply to these reasons, and not as resulted of causes (WALNUT, 2008, p.284). Possessing as analysis of it she estresse the phenomena of the pack, where one is synonymous of the other. Being this she estresse understood as part of a colloquy that is only capable to keep with the world, being made with the interpretations by means of these factual ones of the being in the world. Something estresse it is ontolgico, is part of the man, its life, of the daily one, but it only goes to be alarmed when the individual if to find in danger conditions, ahead of the situation the one that if finds. Possessing as treatment it estresse for it: physical activities, remedies, good feeding, massage, therapy, etc.

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23 Jan


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In accordance with Marazziti (2003), the jealousy is defined as apercepo of the individual front threat or loss of values in relacionamentopara a real or imaginary rival, as baseless thoughts of falsafidelidade. As Ballone (2004) in what the linhadivisria between imagination, fancy, belief and certainty says respect to the jealousy, if tornavaga and frequently inexact. In the jealousy the doubts can be changedded into idiassupervalorizadas or frankly delirious. Jorge Perez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The jealousy would be a set deemoes unchained for feelings of some threat to the stability ouqualidade of a valued close relationship. The somuitas definitions of jealousy, having three elements in common: To be a reaction front to a perceived threat; To have a real rival or imaginary e; The reaction aims at to eliminate the risks of the loss of the loved object. According to Guimares (2004), the jealousy nothing more is of what adificuldade that a person has with regard to its security in keeping the affection, ointeresse of somebody with who if it keeps an affective relationship, that can seramoroso or not. By the same author: actress. ' ' jealousy has a special characteristic that it involves aauto-esteem that the person has and the judgment that it makes of the envolvement dooutro' '.

Exactly having a proven specific cause for the jealousy, muitosespecialistas affirm that the feeling would be related with one rebaixamentoda auto-esteem, to some problems of infancy and the psychological deficiencies. As well as Marani (2001) it says in them, the jealousy is not a simple nicaemoo, but multiple combinations of some emotions that can appear joint or grouped and that they are the envy, followed of anger, hatred, penalty, autocomiserao, revenge, sadness, mortificao, guilt, vanity, inferiority, pride, fear, and anxiety. All human being suffers from jealousy, either moderate or pathological it (grifo ours) or is white ouinstrumento of the jealousy of other human beings and as its universal manifestation, the authors agree to accepting that he is normal in the evolution of the serhumano.

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30 Oct

The Treatise

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This enigmatic body would act as a kind of transducer (a system that can transform one type of energy into another) allowing the soul to convey the sensations of the outside world that have impacted the body, and also transmit orders to the body through the action momentum to the animal spirits that they, in turn, act on the muscles to Descartes, the human body operates on mechanical principles and is linked to the immaterial soul through the pineal gland (H). In the figure, she acts as a vehicle through the sense of vision. (The Treatise on Man, published in 1664, after his death.) A reaction against the Cartesian interactionism: For Malebranche the body and soul are two separate and unrelated entities. The series of brain and mental events run on parallel tracks, unaffected. It is only the will of God, present in every act, which performs the "miracle" to correlate both types of events so that at certain bodily events (eg., A stroke) occurring in certain mental events (eg., pain), or vice versa (body movement, the will to move) is why the doctrine is called "occasional", being omnipresent God's will on every occasion that the mental and physical appear correlated. Leibniz's preestablished harmony Like Malebranche, Leibniz understood that the mind and body do not interact per se and are related only by the will of God. The difference is that Leibniz believes that God, the beginning of time, synchronized series of mental and physical events such as two clocks.

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22 May

In Philadelphia

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Presented? What do you do – take a piece of paper and pen or open the program Word And in my head is empty, the vacuum Familiar? Although last night when you go to bed, in your head have experienced this great Association, words with no problems evolved into sentences, and in the head occurred real picture, the benefits that will be your subscribers will examine your training course. Where did all this had happened in the morning? Where the ease of phrases and improvisation, along with humor? I am sure that with such a 'small stuff' facing a very Many site owners and senior newsletters. It turns out that there is a very simple and reliable way, how quickly to engage in such work. And this process takes just a couple of minutes. Heard a word – Furious? Usually this the word is used in relation to the engines on an airplane, when sharply increased thrust of the engine. It turns out that this is true for the brain, can also dramatically increase its thrust. Read carefully about the Treasure of the brain, sure you need it. Simply and quickly.

And the last 'detail' for today. In Philadelphia, a city in the U.S., there is a music school. Those children are taught to 4 – 5 years to play the violin. Want to know how the first lesson looks at this school? All – children, parents, teachers, festively dressed, going to the school hall. Children with a violin and bow in his hands raised to the scene. (This is the first lesson.) When a child reaches the middle of the stage, he turned and bowed.

All public applauding, whistling and shouting 'Bravo'. After this the child leaves the stage and sits in its place. And that's all. The first lesson is over. # Get rid of the fear of public speaking, so this is called 'fines' way, according to surveys of psychologists among adults, the fear of public speaking is in second place, after the fear of death. Is not this an occasion to reflect on such 'trifles', and most importantly time to deal with them. In our life there is no 'little things', because failure of one thing – this 'small thing', which has successfully managed other successful people!