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31 May


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Have fun participated on creativity and color – insight into the profession of Dusseldorf – the training and Technology Centre (btz) of the selebatere and painters Guild Dusseldorf on April 23, 2009 happy and fun girls day. A group of Fifteen girls took advantage of yesterday’s offer and sniffed in the painting and varnishing trade. We write the year 2009 and for the ninth time you will find girls’ a full success story has become day instead of the girl’s so-called future day. To this day, especially technical companies and companies with technical departments and training opportunities open their doors for girls from grade 5. Also the btz uses this day to allow insight into the practice of the girl on the ground. Under the guidance of professional, color your own, effective accents and contacts made. The buildings – and object coater, painters and painters and vehicle painters and advertising technicians belong to the featured discipline. Recently Director Peter Farrelly sought to clarify these questions.

Typical woman? Today, girls have a excellent education, which offers a wide variety of training opportunities. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Director Peter Farrelly and gain more knowledge.. Nevertheless chooses the young woman often disproportionately typically female”occupations. They are therefore limited in their career opportunities. And lacking the plants on the other hand increasingly qualified young people. Goal of the girls’ day is to bring both sides together.

Public and industry should be made aware on the strengths of the girls. “By the way: company, the successful girls days” realize, recorded an increasing share of young women in technical and engineering-related occupations. I didn’t think that there is so much to see. “Design and creativity, as well as future-oriented development a great deal for girls as well as of course for boys” as the mother of one of the trial-girls. For five years this is btz as organizer of the girls’ day active and this with success, because the rate of female Trainees has increased in this period by 4% to 11%. In contrast to earlier, more girls receive their training in one of the professions of painter and Varnisher craft. In addition, women remain in the profession but also longer. Today, our activity is no longer so strongly influenced by hard physical work. Instead, creativity and inventiveness is needed, and here, our girls are quite far forward.”so Gerhard Blessing, head of the Simon’s.

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25 Oct

United States

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And as with an application in Germany, so the rule also abroad: A really good application can you only write if you are informed about the company and has its own objectives and professional desires clear in mind. According to Anna- Belknap, who has experience with these questions. An international application always consists of a cover letter and curriculum vitae. In the international letter of the own motivation and personality, worked out how in Germany also: who am I, what can I do, what I want to do in the company and why care about the company or the position. A page should not be exceeded. In some countries are still handwritten applications are desirable and in Anglo-American countries you should be sure to use active verbs in the cover letter, because expressing activity and willingness to act. Soft skills, which are highly appreciated in these countries.

A good self marketing opens the door in the desired company, it is an open secret around the world. Who does not know them, has just as bad cards as in the home country abroad. In the CV, that is also a represented worldwide standard, the key figures of the careers. There are many variations in terms of the length and the outline. While we list in chronological order all stages of our career in Germany in the curriculum vitae, shows you frequently something undemanding abroad and requires a collection of activities relevant to the appropriate location.

Are the key points that should be considered while training (school, College, professional), internships, experience, special knowledge (particularly the mention of language skills are important for applicants from abroad) and the point other, which then projects, hobbies, or non-University engagement would fall under. Prove in most countries, much emphasis is placed on practical experience, because applicants are commonly employed as a career changer and must be on the job”. What matters is, is able to provide what the applicant in practice. He promises too much, he loses the job but then also quite soon, because the Protection against dismissal in most countries is much less pronounced than in Germany. International curriculum vitae is represented in the normally non-chronologically, and is limited to maximum one or two pages. To the German curriculum vitae is a serious difference in the nominal of the personal data. While candidates indicate name, birth date and place, as well as nationality and marital status in Germany, is strictly prohibited in the Anglo-American countries. Personal data, which are inclined to provide for discriminatory disadvantages have lost nothing in the curriculum vitae. For this reason no photos be sent for foreign applications. Exceptions are only the countries in the southern Mediterranean, where application images are still common. And if you then made it to the interview, you can score in the United States with a relaxed demeanor and some humor in entertainment. In countries such as Turkey that would fall on negative. In Russia is expected of a candidate, that he located in each case the name of the correspondent notes, while it is normal in Scandinavia it quickly addressed himself with the given name. General rule, however, that a friendly, confident, and above all motivated incidence in recruiters around the globe attract interest.

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