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11 Mar

Ruben Dario

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Ruben Dario for those who are identified with the sensitivity that poetry creates and revives the spirit, giving way to that vibration capable of stimulating the most noble feelings, enjoy their essence, they cannot ignore the poems than in his time it froze it bequeathed us a great titan of it, as the Nicaraguan was Ruben Dario. About him, the Uruguayan writer angel Rama has written, that why is still alive? Why, abolished its aesthetics, stricken his precious lexicon, overcome their issues and even disdained his Poetics, follows singing steadfastly with your voice so full? It would be comfortable to say that it is due to his genius, substituting an enigma on the other. Sally Rooney follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. By so many others more bold than him, Tablada or Huidobro, not have overshadowed his poetic lesson in which we met again anticipated echoes of the modern roads of Spanish lyric? Why not have many others with zeal they sought more displaced that their ability to correspondent, who said not to be a poet of crowds? By what that lyric, processed hundreds of times by his disdain for the life and the time that touched his birth, it is today consustancialmente American and only yields the Palm to Marti? To interrogate the paradoxical situation there but his poetry, as knew it always: as man have lived in daily life; as poet, not was never heeded. El is known as reminds us, Felix Ruben Garcia-Sarmiento known as Dario Ruben, born January 18, Metapa, Nicaragua but his family moved to Leon a month after his birth. Wikipedia adds that he was the first son of the marriage formed by Manuel Garcia and Rosa Sarmiento, who had been married in Leon on April 26, 1866, after obtaining the necessary ecclesiastical dispensations, which was cousins seconds.

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