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25 Sep

Enderson Pear

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The man can, therefore, to affirm that to it if it approached, but did not touch it. No matter how hard let us try to understand the occult one, the essence of the things and the being in itself, We will remain, until the current moment if it evidences, in this constant paradoxical game: We will only know what of it we are unaware of. What we are, in fact, after all? We are attributes conceived for our subjectivity. Theoretical, deriving forms of intellectual conventions in consensus. Source: Sela Ward. Not only this! We are delayed nature and imanente to the future, the incompressible one.

We are imagination, pure metaphor! Honorary knights of the rationality: How it creates and recria its kingdom that never was and never will be the truth! It is only its ludibriantes lingusticas constructions. Return and stocking we call ourselves great and powerful. We launch ourselves in the sea of the magnificent one and the vanity. We mount and we retrace universes, fallacious, conceptual. We play and we filiamos in them to the lie calling it truth. They hear principalities and powers of ' ' Ratio' ': As they insist on proclaiming, to the sound of trumpets, the arrest of really? He will not be audacious of your parts to asseverarem it withholds that it, Since, little had been worried about ' ' thing in si' '? Oh, lowermost subjectivity vain person Who is clearly that we are inherent! Body and soul! We do not have and nor we construct to the truth same it only can be given. E, time and another one, if we show as fagulha of live coal, that to the lesser natural blow if he erases.

That you understand my beloved half, As well as said the philosopher, already we are born in the perspective of an end. This (and not others) is the only certainty that we have: We are while we are and we leave of being because we are. Enderson Pear tree. 07/11/2011.

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