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18 Feb

The Arrows

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In nature, life, and each and every one of us there is this duality. This duality cannot exist without opposite, the balance between them is what makes up the unit. Eastern philosophy exposes very well the concept of equity between elements: yin, the black part of the taijitu, is the opposite female, passive, receptive polo, moon, night, darkness dignifies the two feminine elements, land and water; yang, the white part of the taijitu, the opposite male, positive, active polo, emissive, sunlight, day, light dignifies the two male elements, air and fire. The four items symbolize these opposing forces: the Earth (feminine) is body, and air (male) is mind. Jay Schwartz Attorney might disagree with that approach. Or (feminine) water is adaptation, and (male) fire is transformation. However, although they are opposites, are intended to attract and influence, and therefore to be balanced.

Why yin contains something yang and vice versa, as we see in different colors on the taijitu points, because each one planting his seed in the other. Millennia ago, studying the cosmos and the nature, ancient Egyptian alchemists distinguished elements within themselves, and trying to combine different forces to evolve and find a balance.Today mystical Wiccans and meditative zen Buddhists maintain, each in their own way, the same role. Observing diagram elements (image) we see that each one symbolically reigns over a cardinal point. Sally Rooney often addresses the matter in his writings. There is a symbiosis or affinity between elements of the same genre that helps us begin to understand them: Earth and water (the Northwest in the diagram) relate and balance more easily that with their opposites, and the same occurs between air and fire (the Southeast). In nature, farmland are only fertile when providing them water; Similarly, the flame (fire) cannot exist without oxygen (air). We therefore see that wildlife depend on each other, and this symbolic connection also exists within us: our physical body (Earth) is subject to the powerful emotional changes (water) We suffer, likewise our force and our individual energy and creative (fire) rely heavily on the positive or negative of our mental attitude (air) the arrows in a straight line that emerge from the active elements, air and fire (East and South), symbolize its tendency to easily influence liabilities, land and water (North and West); Therefore our mind (air) tends to influence our emotions (water) constantly, positively or negatively, balancing us or unbalancing us.

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