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04 Nov

Affordable Prices

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Our philosophy was yacht design, yacht transportation, boat transportation from the beginning to create a boating accessories online shop, where the customer for an object to install find everything, what is required to complete installation and must not find in another boat accessories shops. Also was important, a boat accessories shop that is easy to use to create a manageable search bar with roughly outlined terms. Related Group pursues this goal as well. To surf in the term, then the individual headings, where you can search for an article specifically take place. If you click the article, often several options or variants opens. Thus, you can reach without much to scroll, fast to the selected object. We were and are attempting to describe our items as accurately and to illustrate, if possible also with drawings. 35 years in the recreational boating Act, coming from the commercial shipping, we have established in 1980 our shipyard operation in Hoya, motor yachts created by 10-15 m, as steel displacement and from 1989 as high-speed displacement.

Boat repairs, conversions, engine repairs, etc. Sales of boat accessories played a minor role at the time. We have always taken on high-quality accessories and boat supplies during this time and also just installed. All these experiences we have incorporated 2005 online shop in our boat accessories. In our product range you will find a comprehensive, high-quality boat accessories. We sell products of many renowned manufacturer of the anchor role on ship turning gear up to the zinc anode in many variants.

Wearing parts as well as oil – air and fuel filter for your engine can be supplied, to do this, we expect your request. Not everything in the shop may be listed because of the variety of boat accessories and engine parts. We are also in the field of stainless steel fittings, which, if not in the boat accessory shops are available, can be produced by us according to your powerful. At the time, we are able to provide about 10,000 boat accessories. Not every product stock available, but in the short term available, it is often reasonable prices result.

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05 Feb

Dr Till Backhaus

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The success is to think about a continuation of the Rugen cross country. Gladly we would cooperation continue in a rematch in 2008 with our this year’s partners, the Tourism Association, the Kurverwaltung BINZ, the hotels, all the farmers and offices, who have supported us. Good MV but also with our partners and the company Volkswagen, the US 40 (!) brand new VW Touareg -. Off-road vehicles on the island have brought. As many has amazed as this column with our beautiful logos on his past came roaring.

Because I’ve invested leisure but almost a year my in this project, I’ll sit back now only a bit, as far as my work gives me the opportunity to do so. You talk about your work, what turn you currently? Just shut off I have two feature films in Bavaria for a new ZDF Sunday evening series, where I play a mountain rescue and a rescue dog section head. “” Currently, I commute daily between the filming at the ARD Grossstadtrevier”in Hamburg, the ZDF country doctor” and the rotation on Rugen for Hi Robbie “back and forth. It’s quite tiring, I tear as many kilometres down. How to take the power for so many tasks? I get up early and cold shower, that is a good start in the day. Then there of course is a good logistics, I do so not all at the same time, but must engage in things. If I’m somewhere at night by turning and on the Rugen dam drive, I open my Windows and enjoy the fresh air here, the stress disappears in a Flash.

So I miss no opportunity after filming, to saddle the horse and enjoy the freedom of nature. About off-road riding I also came to the hunting riding. Riding behind the dogs is a very special sport. Man, horse and dog work together and trust each other. This partnership, when it works, is an incomparable experience that returns a lot of strength and vitality for the people. You do a lot of good for the island of Rugen, why? When I”in 1992 for the first time here at Bayern on Rugen turned it was me done, the island has from the first moment fascinate me with their infinitely wide beauty and purity. I me made to the task, this in the many interviews and TV contributions to propagate whenever a piece as many guest complaints needs to function. The complaints cross country was communicated in the media nationwide. So, we conducted a good Island PR, that’s nice! Minister of agriculture Dr Till Backhaus, patron of our event, called me and thanked me for the services as an Ambassador for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Till, till here! Dude, that was right”he said. Till, which I like, out of full conviction”, was my reply. I like the Ruganer and the island very, I think, to have found my second home here. Interview: Mediart entertainment

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