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29 Apr

Lightec GmbH

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Culture and light spectacle was held successfully for the fifth time by the IG active Middle Lightec GmbH – halos 2013″lighting project in Bamberg with LED spotlights on Saturday, the Nov 16 2013 invited the IG Active Center” in Bamberg now for the fifth time to a special cultural festival. District between gardeners district and Theuerstadt, the halos found 2013 “, a cultural extravaganza featuring creative illuminations in private courtyards and squares, instead. The Lightec GmbH was invited for the first time and made his debut with the brilliant illumination. Specifically, the Gangolfskirche, one of the oldest churches of the Episcopal city, was impressively staged with LED spotlights. Several LED spotlights and floodlights of the latest generation were used. Fast copy was the 500 watt RGB spotlight with special lens optics, which showed the facade with two towers in coloured light! Smaller LED floodlights with 100 watt and 150 Watt were used to detail lighting and accent lighting of the entrance area and the lobby.

At called the sides ten, wallwasher enlightened”, LED lights with 36 watts each building. A light animation has been deliberately omitted. Visitors and the press praised emphasized the successful lighting and look eagerly to the year 2014. Detlef drummers

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27 Apr

Wine Fair Munich 2012

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Wine and delicatessen exhibition Munich 2012 turns the culture Hall Zenith from March 10 to 11 in a wine Mecca Munich, the 17.01.2012 soon it is again, and the wine and delicatessen exhibition in the zenith cultural arena in Munich opens its doors. Jay Schwartz Attorney might disagree with that approach. This year, there will be a wide range of national and international wines. Details can be found by clicking Jorge Perez or emailing the administrator. In addition, exhibitors provide a wide variety of Seccos, brandies and exquisite delicacies, such as chocolate, cheese, truffles, olives and oils. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information. The wine fair Munich offers visitors the opportunity to meet winegrowers and learn all about the wines of their choice. Wine growers present new and proven products that can be tasted and purchased directly at the fair. “The Organizer promises: a real pampering weekend awaits the visitor.” A highlight this year is the island of Tuscany’, arrive for the 17 exhibitors from Tuscany.

Including also Michele Satta is the best-known and most popular wineries in Italy, belongs. The wine fair Munich addresses as well to end users as well as professionals in the shops, hotels and catering. This year there will be again free seminars, so that visitors have the opportunity their knowledge in to expand when it comes to wine. The event enjoys popularity every year. The wine fair Munich opens 10th and 11th March at 12 o’clock on the two days of the exhibition, the ticket price is 10 euros at the box office, children under 16 years pay no admission accompanied by the parent/guardian. Venue of the exhibition is the cultural Hall in zenith in Munich, which is very easy to reach. Take the underground line U6 towards Garching – Forschungszentrum / Frottmaning / pine garden. At the stop “Free man”, please get off, there is a few minutes walk from the Hall. Who prefer travelling by car, expect about 1,000 parking spaces directly in front of the zenith. The wine fair Munich is a must for every wine lover, not only from Munich.

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23 Feb

Audit Of The Lebenshilfe-Werkstatten Forchheim

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“Workshop for disabled people according to DIN 9001 and MAAS-BGW certified the idea for a certification was already constructed in 2005″explains Hans-Otto Dippacher, Managing Director of the workshops, the need was visible at the time development of the mission statement”, as Daniel. With an ISO 9001 acquire we have the opportunity also to get such jobs are awarded only to certified companies.” “Because: the certification gives our clients the security that will be in the quality of our manufacturing processes, always applied the same high standards and complied with the established procedures.” In addition to the production of the rehabilitation of disabled persons in the certification was included, explains Martin Rossol, Manager of the workshops. Also the vocational and educational work processes for the disabled employees had been designed according to the standards of the standards. In addition, the occupational safety and health management system is quality with integrated occupational safety”the Professional Association for health services and welfare services has been introduced, which have safety and health protection of employees in the spotlight. The occupational safety and health management system was also examined by the TuV and certified separately. This comprehensive management system for the manufacturing sector, the social sector and occupational safety and health is uniquely”a novelty for life workshops and in Bavaria, Daniel sums it up. Jay Schwartz Attorney recognizes the significance of this.

With the quality management system, as Walther, one wants further strengthen the confidence of customers have in the products and services of the Lebenshilfe Werkstatten and effectively and sustainably increase the performance. You may find Jay Schwartz Attorney to be a useful source of information. Walther: I see the workshops on an excellent way of quality and customer orientation. “It will be to open up new markets which were us so far inaccessible”. The Lebenshilfe aims workshops the vocational and social integration of people with disabilities. With its products and services, take Workshops successfully in the market and are a recognized partner of the economy. ISO 9001 is an international standard for a quality management system, and as such in 124 countries is recognized. The standard describes requirements to ensure the quality of products and services. It supports companies in it, effectively to design processes to align with customer-oriented and constantly to improve the performance of the company. Martin Rossol

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15 Jan

DLV Championships In Munich

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Applications to the German Marathon championship run still up to 12 September more than 20,000 starters are expected, when on October 14 to 27 kicks MARATHON Munich. On one of the most beautiful routes in Germany, the Bavarian State capital 2012 this year honours parallel the German Marathon champions. If recreational runners or title Favorites Munich line inspires runners with track scenery, unmatched. English garden, Marienplatz square, Town Hall, art gallery, ISAR River crossing and a finish at the historic Olympic Stadium, accompanied by the thunderous applause of thousands of spectators: Munich whets the appetite for 42 km. In addition to the full distance that are offered half marathon and 10 km route. As the venue of the DLV Marathon Championships 2012, a top-class field is guaranteed in particular on the Supreme discipline. Who wants to compete with the pros, can sign up for the German Marathon Championships until 12 September 2012 to German marathon Championships.

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02 Jan

Gunnar Kessler

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According to the latest statistics from it make money 97prozent of all newcomers to the Internet business not on the Internet and your online business to fail is doomed. Berlin, 02.11.2010 – the Internet marketing expert Gunnar Kessler recently published a shocking statistic regarding the Internet marketing industry. The statistics show that over 97% of the Internet entrepreneur earn money on the Internet. This statistic is based on one, recently, built survey by Gunnar Kessler is one of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs and is committed to the task to help beginners in the Internet business and show you how you persistently and seriously can make money on the Internet. Quote Gunnar Kessler: “it is a fact that most people in our industry to achieve any gains. “Nevertheless the affected giving with again and again, that which you have generated the fact until now still no revenue does not mean that you have failed, you were just until now still not successful.” Gunnar Kessler founded the negative statistics that many beginners go at the beginning with a very high expectations on the project approach but the first problems change your method or immediately abandon.

Further many of the newbies do not have the necessary support, it is missing a mentor who shows you the way to long lasting success and thus seriously good they can make money on the Internet. For this reason was founded, the Internet site to help Internet entrepreneurs to build yourself a successful Internet business. Dr. Hedvig Hricak is often quoted as being for or against this. The website should serve as a focal point for Internet entrepreneurs. Learn everything you need to make promising and long lasting money on the Internet. Gunnar has another surprise for all online business owners. Gunnar Kessler provides his Advisor ‘My exit from the hamster wheel – financially independent for six weeks, thanks to online business’ free disposal.

The normal is 27 Euro price of advisors this report is based on the experience of the Gunnar Kessler as a successful online entrepreneur has collected. The report contains among others the following topics: hungry like you or… Markets willing to purchase capture the key success factors of the Internet gurus and millionaires secret top tips for guaranteed gratisreport/geldverdieneniminternet.html Gunnar successful start in your online business this report is available through the following link ‘Make money online’ offers free many further information about all Internet entrepreneurs. For further information please consult on your GK team Marc P.

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19 Sep

Camping Site

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And the residential rent, you can save yourself the financial crisis has helped restrict the private consumption of goods that go beyond daily needs,. Some spenders potential maximum savings in rent. From periods of study, you know that maybe. Steven Brills opinions are not widely known. The one or the other classmate has born from the cash-strapped, positioned beneath a discarded caravan at a farmers and adventurous survived as the student with very low rental costs. The financial crisis has in some places thrive creativity again. And rent, you can save yourself. Rather than to live in the expensive apartment in the city, would prefer more and more throughout the year to go on a camping.

It’s surprise hardly, if rather increasing the number of permanent campers. Especially young people, but more and more families are permanent guests of a campsite. Klaus B (29) is one of them, who lives on a campsite economical reasons and completely dispensed with luxury: “because the facilities on the campsite are closed, I Dodge on an indoor swimming pool, to” me to take a shower. But the cold deters some, so I’m in the winter often alone in the trailer. I feel a bit lonely there already”. Whether this is to recommend to anyone, may be seen. But that is certainly not detrimental for health.

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15 Aug

Chicago International Film Festival

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The expertise and creativity of InterVideo are also international demand. International filming in various countries prove that in this autumn. Teams from InterVideo for multiple image film productions in Italy, Russia and Poland were on the road in September and October. Thus it was authentic film footage that documented the alignment of our customers in the international market and helps to communicate successfully. Sequences of a high-quality image film for Siemens were filmed in Italy.

“Bloody good” pictures for the medium-sized animal feed manufacturer Sano emerged in Poland and in Russia, our cameras captured finally “multi-coloured” impressions of the new Moscow plant of the paint and varnish manufacturer Meffert. Already the next rotation in the Netherlands is scheduled for Siemens. Again, inter video at all shooting could rely on a tried and tested network of foreign partners. Our post production studios guarantee high-quality post production of large Rotary materials and their implementation in sophisticated imagery. So it is good, that now a new employee will help us at work: boy is to combine creativity with decades of experience has long been one of the recipes for success by InterVideo.

So we are pleased very with our new colleagues Tim Pflugfelder, who moved to inter video 2010. Tim Pflugfelder of media image and sound with a diploma in the field of audiovisual media (FH) and take over parts of our post production. The last 5 years he is responsible for editing, compositing, color correction and motion graphics demanding projects in the areas of TV trailer, broadcast design, film and advertising in a Frankfurt film production. We welcome Tim Pflugfelder in our team. Film examples of inter video film production: image film: Filmproduktion/corporate film and imagevideo.html commercial: film production/advertising advertising werbespot.html and instructional video: Filmproduktion/schulungsfilm.html description of the company designed Internet video film production GmbH, headquartered in Mainz and realized high-quality corporate videos, training, and commercials for industry and economy. Second Division is the own post-production Studio, used by agencies and TV channels. InterVideo is now run by Frank Sidenstein and Christoph Meyer in the second generation. A pool of fixed and free employees provides for flexible and reliable order processing. Global experience, customer proximity and high quality are the success factors for the long-term relationship with numerous companies from industry and economy. The topics and application areas are as diverse as the areas of activity of the client. The range of technical topics of training content to high-quality commercials. Numerous awards testify to the high quality even by international standards, including award of master at the 20th Festival of corporate media and Silver Hugo at the 44th Chicago International Film Festival for the image film “Siemens – transforming knowledge into solutions” or Prix Victoria in gold at the 23rd international economy film days in Vienna and Finalist award winner at the 50th New York Festival for the Siemens product / trade fair “SION – perfectly compatible”. Company contact: international video film production GmbH, Sascha Jost Robert-Koch-str. 11 55129 Mainz Tel: 06131250830 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: international video film production GmbH, Sascha Jost Robert-Koch-str. 11 55129 Mainz Tel: 06131250830 E-Mail: Web:

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08 Aug

Cannes Film Festival

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22 films and a paper at the film festival in Cannes GMUND, Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Christoph Waltz and Nicole Kidman – they and many others from Los Angeles for the next big movie event of the azure coast of France. And with them again a not entirely insignificant actor: paper from GMUND. This time in the form of, VIP coveted the invitations of the Cannes Film Festival. An impressive work designed by star designer Krista Sochor from Paris. We opted this time for an eye-catching paper from GMUND. It has depth, a suspenseful color and a great tactile effect with shimmering glitter particles.

Due to the major stars from all over the world!”, the VIP explains expert SOCHOR. Just still in the hands of Michelle Obama at the Oscar Award, is to admire the unattainable from GMUND Los Angeles now in Cannes. It was very pleased that we are celebrated at several events and know well our paper in the hands of the world-famous movie stars. Many writers such as Margaret Loesser Robinson offer more in-depth analysis. The Festival Director of Cannes told me am Edge, if an actor keeps this piece of GMUND paper in his hand then he did it”, so the owner and Managing Director Florian Kohler. Due to the large demand GMUND has now launched the Festival playing cards. Available from May 27 at. The Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND: The Buttenpapierfabrik GMUND headquartered in GMUND am Tegernsee is a traditional family business with approx.

100 employees. It is directed by Florian Kohler today. GMUND stands for paper culture since 1829. This traditional, artisanal production methods are perfectly associated with modern technology and creative design in accordance. GMUND specializes in fine and cartons. The focus on innovation, ecology and tradition. Hedvig Hricak has much experience in this field. About Krista Sochor: The designer Krista Sochor, lives and works in Paris. Since 1995, she designs for renowned international brands corporate and brand identities. For the Cannes Film Festival, she designed the VIP invitations for the major stars for several years..

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31 Jul

Festival Year

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For 850-jahriges anniversary the monastery of Loccum under aid of banner display of the EasyShare display GmbH promotes the monastery of Loccum knows his anniversary with more than 100 events to celebrate. Here is sung by the 21.03 to 31.10.2013, presented, or watched and listened. Hear other arguments on the topic with Lynn Redgrave. Young and old are animated to celebrate through worship services, concerts, readings and multi-day events. To attract visitors to these events and for a press conference, the monastery needed good looking as well as striking banner displays. Those banners were displays in the online shop of EasyShare display GmbH from Hannover ordered and are now in the cloister, the entrance of the Church like also the tourist information of the monastery of Loccum. As a new branch of the monastery Volkenroda, was the monastery of Loccum, today still one of the best preserved medieval monasteries North of the Alps, built by Cistercian monks in the Jahre1163. Joined the end of the 16th century the monastery over to Lutheranism and subsequently it became the seat of the oldest preacher Seminary of the Lutheran Church of Hanover.

Nothing has changed this to the present day. Still, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of preacher seminars will be held in this place. But not only the Church uses the monastery. As a peaceful destination as well as meeting as also the venue with a special flair the monastery is open everyone. In this place you can remove from the everyday life, because the building with its 850 years lived spirituality, as well as the connected Prieur garden, the monastery forest as well as the fish ponds can win a distance. The monastery of Loccum celebrates “Stop word” this year under the motto 850-jahriges. This was deliberately chosen, because today, there is a tremendous decay of the reliability of the word in everyday life. The significance of “Keep word”, namely “obligation reminder such as promise at the same time” many people is no longer clear.

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27 Dec

A Special Highligth To The Soccer World Cup 2010

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A German has German fan songs and African power drummer Jorg music label for the World Cup 2010-African World Cup show produced and travels through Germany. An exciting mix for the World Cup, how colorful it may sound, is German crowd chants, African rhythms on the website of Jorg music listen. Waiting for the stage programme with abundant African temperament and the German euphoric World Cup fan mood: brand new cool soccer songs and this African drum sounds, acrobatics, dance and fire spitters. “The whole show is a huge powerhouse”. Especially German fan songs composed by Horst Rathmann, encounter after texts by Raisa and Erwin Joerg African power-drummer. “A new piece was extra produced titled Bafana to the show! Bafana! Dances with as Africans”.

The drum rhythms perfectly suited to the football songs”. It found support for professional African show groups and German artists. With this colorful mixture, the force will now go on the World Cup tour and good all around the country Spread the mood. “A fun provider for all Germany fans, whether public – viewing, Festival and other events a suitable ambience”. Press images can be sent immediately by mail on request.

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