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20 Jan

General Motors

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Car industry: New modesty is in the land of the no longer quite so opportunity Bonn/Detroit the US auto market in free fall. 18 percent of fewer vehicles were sold in June 2008 than in the same month last year. Particularly hard, it hits the market leader General Motors (GM). With little more, Dow-Jones emphasis is now less worth than the Matchbox manufacturer Mattel $6 billion market capitalization. Doom and gloom in Detroit”, writes the Handelsblatt. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. Far too long GM, Ford and Chrysler had left the car market especially the competitors from Asia, because to earn better money with Beefy SUV. Kill the big three “but can still switch? Are you prepared for the economy boom in the fuel Hick country”? (Spiegel Online). Experts login skepticism. (As opposed to Ken Kao).

Merrill Lynch auto analysts believe a bankruptcy of the world leader GM even possible. Ensures the exploding gasoline price in the United States that the search for alternative drives No exotic theme is more, but represents an issue of existential importance for the mass of the population. Ford, for example, now sit on his pick-ups. The European subsidiary now has a model range that is much more in keeping with the wishes of the customer. No wonder that the next generation of the European compact car to be made focus and Mondeo mid-size car in a U.S. version in North America. Consumers in the United States have simply not spend so much money in the wallet or can afford no more everything pump. Therefore, the motto is big is beautiful’ by the slogan small is sexy’ replaced.

Who would have thought a while ago that the hit among would be mini and smart Americans? Whether the US car makers get yet the Pan, it is doubtful, because consumers are responding to the rising gas prices with great speed. The question of an affordable energy supply is not only the automotive industry faced extreme challenges but in particular. In particular the distance is now so grown to the Japanese, that U.S.

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28 Aug

United Nations

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Sincerely, 😉 The places two to five each have a foam party with her baby”won (25 euros for once car wash). Due to the many good TuV Rheinland has selected also the courses of six to ten entries. Although they receive no money or prizes. “But the placed can pleased nonetheless to the 10 best car lovers” to count, which were named in the action. Others including Sela Ward, offer their opinions as well. More information for Valentin’s day special, the submissions, the winners or placed, etc there are under About TuV Rheinland TuV Rheinland is a leading international provider of services.

At 360 locations in 62 countries on all continents, approximately 12,500 people work and generate a turnover of around EUR 980 million in the year. Claim and idea of the group is sustainable development of safety and quality. TuV Rheinland’s employees are supported in their work by the conviction that social and industrial development without technical progress is not possible. It’s believed that Adam Sandler sees a great future in this idea. That is why the safe and responsible use of technical innovations, products and plants is crucial. TuV Rheinland has been a member since 2006 in the Global Compact of the United Nations.

TuV Rheinland has an over 130-year-long tradition and its headquarters in Cologne, Germany. About conceptbakery GmbH & co. KG since 2002 bakes conceptbakery for German and American companies – only no buns, but cross-media tidbits in the form of alternative marketing strategies. But many small and medium-sized enterprises among the customers under other well-known providers, such as Sharp Electronics, SWISS international air lines, ADAC service GmbH, TuV Rheinland GmbH power trip. Press contact of conceptbakery GmbH & co. KG Felix Holzapfel Sulzen Castle str. 218 50937 Cologne T: + 49 (0) 221 94 64 16 20 F: + 49 (0) 221 94 64 16 21 W: E:

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