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26 May

Interview With Captain

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Congratulations to the company Union Region! corr. -Gennady say that it was difficult for these ten years? gen.dir. -Complicated? I thought that once you ask about the good?))) Corr. – It’s usually on anniversaries, speak good words and ask interesting questions, but I think it matters about the difficulties of the work could reveal a person all the way! gen.dir .- Well, have it your! (laughs) Working with the client is always a complicated process, if it promised to be kept. I do supporter of the old, Russian, merchant tradition! Then it was enough, they say, ‘strike hands’ and it was sealed tight seals and contracts! But the realities of our time show the opposite, and yet people want to believe, oh how I want! Customer Confidence is very fragile concept, it can not be restored! And if you brought supplies have to find any way to not let the client, sometimes at a loss, but this loss is material, he reparable. A trust is not an excuse to correct. corr.

– Jubilee is always a summing up. In short, please, about the achievements and prospects. gen.dir. – I understand it, can I have the good. The company’s work in modern times has emerge from the responsibility of each participant in this process, creativity, independence and experience are welcome and in some cases even required.

When a man is bored at work is not one of us. There is always a opportunity to express themselves and make money, if a person is, of course, interested in it and let him experience and knowledge. Glass container manufacture is currently a growing field of Russian industry, the demand for products which are constantly increasing. The company conducts continuous analysis and monitoring of the internal market of glass, when I say internal, I’m talking about the Soviet post-space. It so happened that the old sites at once do not break, and I think is their best not to touch it, and make stronger and develop cooperation in the current market conditions. Only by working together we will stay afloat and to raise the economy of their countries. Strong State behind him, a strong rear. The company last year out on a foreign market. Sales volume there grow in proportion to invest in advertising domestic products. I’ve already filled mazol the language saying that each should mind his own business: a manufacturer-produce vendor-sell. We know how to sell, we know the client’s requirements, we are investing money in information and it brings us the fruits. Every day on my desk lies a report on demand and supply of glass, only the work of 24 hours a day can bring results. Every second the market under our supervision in the media and the Internet. According to the presented to us consulting firms output and consumption of certain types of canned goods in the country is growing from year to year, which means glass jars and glass bottles will be sold more than a dozen years.

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17 Jan

Comedy Pub

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Now there is contamination from the inside. The TV screen pages of the book more interesting. Fashion heroes of popular comedy program or series is much more attractive perennial Heroes, described the great Russian writers. Reading Russia has been replaced by Russia looking to discussing arguing. Now the taste of human music, television broadcast, in the modern entertainment defines his style of life, by which it tried and condemned (frequent). It seems that the ranks of young people there is an opinion that if a person reads, eager for knowledge does not deserve the honor of modern man – he was a botanist, he was sick, despite the fact that he has everything his opinion, and is a way of life in search of answers to questions … It's in our hands.

What are we, then, that we want to do with myself – we have the right to dispose of as we ourselves want. Only if we are not drowning in self-pity, we know its purpose. What is happening with Russia, not only with language – he says all of our inertia to themselves. We do not care. Before themselves. We can change the board, bottle, cigarette, player – a book and know that nobody else will tell, but we do not. Self-improvement is now – this is the maximum amount of information that man had acquired over a period of time. At least among the young is quite honestly looks – everyone in the pursuit of fashion.

Whether it is the fashion for floral shorts, fashion watch Comedy Pub (name changed intentionally), fashion speak instead of "hello" – "hello" in any case, the pursuit of fashion, as well as of the time determines the winner among the people, but one that manages everything. "This," he? .. This race has given us to forget the roots, to laugh ancient knowledge, despise poets, just because they do not understand, do not see anything except that we deliberately show. Global rigmarole, which was organized by mankind is destroying our world is. Russia's role in all this – it seems to be the guinea pig role. There is still time, remove from the screen of your children, hand them a book, any, just interesting – a child is to instill an interest in reading before, so it was more interested to know …

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