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01 Jun


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The adolescents of now in anything look like as they were his parents; they are espavilados neither the more foolish, but sencillamentediferentes. Ahorapueden study superiors, to remain in house until they are independent economically and they can be developed and take advantage of his youth to pass it well. Neil Cole understood the implications. But its reality is, on the other hand, very arduous. In order to obtain good trabajoya the basic education or the baccalaureate is not enough with; at present it is to ineludibleestudiar a race, to have a postgraduate or masters, to dominate more of a language and abilities for computer science. However, every time they are plus the industries that are lamented of which the young people own good knowledge tericospero have few practical abilities, something that do not favor to the needs of the job. The courses of professional training are a good decision to learn an office, but in no they casoaseguran a job. Therefore, what must make these young people? There is a clear answer nor no is better than another one; it depends on each situation and on conditions. In spite of this, like association, to debemosapoyar to these young people and not to leave are hopeless.

In Japan, adolescents and young people of 18 to 30 years enclaustran themselves in their rooms and decide to live isolate on the society and the outer world. They are known like " hikikomoris" and some of them can get to develop serious depressive upheavals. In Spain they have proliferated " ninis" , (that does not have any type of occupation) and they only want to pass it well. But it is fundamental to remember that these vague young people represent only one part of all the young people of the world, many of which want to exert a profession and to plant face to the serious economic crisis that strikes to us. Original author and source of the article.