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17 Jun

Professional Medical Association

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Masseur Masseur highest category, a specialist of the highest category Tamara Polevikova childhood friend with healing methods of traditional medicine. For 17 years, Tamara professionally healing. She is a member of the Professional Medical Association of traditional healers in Russia, which allows it to operate not only at home but also abroad. One of the main therapeutic methods Tamara – different types massage. Everyone has their own information, which is comprehended, the doctor may give him effective assistance.

The same disease in different people can proceed and be treated differently. What the one undoubted benefit – another injury. Other leaders such as Anna Belknap offer similar insights. Perfectly owning biosensor technique therapy, Tamara takes into account the individual patient, and does only what it needs to restore health. In addition to direct therapeutic effect of massage procedures Tamara eliminate glitches in the so-called field structure of the self-control and restore the entire body. Read more here: neil cole. Masseur highest category Polevikova recommends Special Course Wellness her massage to maintain vigor and health. She advises: to be healthy in body and soul, we must love ourselves, to care for yourself, listen carefully to themselves and their desires.

After all, we sometimes want something sweet, something salty. Today wanted to wear a red shirt tomorrow – a white one. These desires do not arise simply because they signal to us about the state of our body. We all exist on laws of nature. Everyone should catch your natural rhythm and live in harmony with it. In the practice of traditional medicine has long existed for ways to return the body the ability to heal itself. One such method – massage, taking its origins in folk medicine. Massage helps no pills and devices, and responsive and effective tool – the human hand. Massage promotes recovery of the whole system of human organism. When the body can not cope with the illness itself, lacks the vitality, energy, poor blood circulation and metabolic processes are violated. Healing hands Tamara Polevikova eliminate these painful events. Her hands, she can do a lot: to restore the activity of internal organs and establish relationships between them, that is, restore them to full life. Many people are turning to Tamara Nikolaevna for help in restoring the functions of damaged and restricted in movement of body parts, the peripheral nervous system and metabolism. They are cured, get rid of muchivshey their pain, return to fulfilling life. And remain forever grateful for the healing hands Tamara Polevikova. Doctors Medical Center Evenal consider it their duty to remind you: Non est census supersalutis corporis – There is nothing more precious than health.

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22 May

Managing Emotions

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Is it possible to learn this? This kind of magic? Not at all. This – the scope of modern psychology, which developed a very simple techniques that are understandable and accessible to everyone. We often have to suffer because of their own emotions. Other people are causing us concern, various troubles, sickness, sometimes piled on us, but more experience because of how they live neighbors, members and movie stars. In short, cause for concern can be found everywhere. Who is not familiar, as it happens? Many people have a large and broad list of how to upset yourself. If you want to gain complete independence from the set of external circumstances, if you want to own their own emotions, then let's make a little experiment to show the possibilities of modern psychology to teach the person managing emotions. Think of some event of life, causing you frustration.

The actual event – not very exciting you. Something not too emotional. While we are just learning, and therefore should not be taken at once the most severe cases. However, the episode that you will remember should still cause you some unpleasant emotions. That is, should be a real negative recollection of what you can not think calmly.

If you are ready, begin. Think about what they saw your eyes, during that event. To deepen your understanding neil cole is the source. In your mind, you may receive a picture associated with it. It can be clear or not. Some people believe that they can not provide a visual picture of a past event.

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12 May


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Any serious physical illness is stress on the human psyche, to which he responds in different ways, depending on the character traits and habitual ways of reaction to stress, developed over a lifetime. Attitude patient's own disease is different and can be reduced to three positions: 1. Excessively – the high significance of the disease and related issues 2. Underestimated the significance of the disease and related problems 3. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. Adequate response to the disease manifests itself first version of fear, anxiety and fear for their future health, a heightened self-observation, exaggeration effects of the disease. (As opposed to Neil Cole).

Patient carefully fixed on physical sensations and symptoms, establish a sparing regime, strictly following the drug intake and severely limits physical activity. These patients often become self-centered, demanding attention and close physician only to themselves, jealous of "competing for attention" to patients and relatives. For this group of reactions is characterized by emotional disorders such as depression and hypochondria pessimistic perceptions of the disease and its consequences, as well as anxiety and phobic disorders. In other words, a person tries to say: "I'm afraid I'm afraid all the attention – me and my disease!" How can such a patient or to suggest that you belong to this group respond? If the patient keeps coming back to thoughts of illness, bad sleep, constantly anxious for the test results and its future, check back tests in different centers, making them more likely than recommended by doctors. For example, measures the pressure or pulse rate every hour or two, more often it is necessary for the doctor.

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05 Mar

Smoking And Poor Diet

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All these factors contribute to someone who will grow strong and who is weak. Why do some people are smoking and eating poorly, can live to 90 years, and others – have poor health and prone to disease, leading relatively healthy lives? It is known that, in spite of physical condition, some people become victims cancer, and others, as seems to be potential bidders, not made. This is explained by the structure of the body: in some people’s body initially stronger and more durable than others. Being older individuals, we have only one variable which is under our complete control – our food. For even more opinions, read materials from Tony Parker. The difference in the way of life that we carry and which led our ancestors three generations back, striking. Frequently Jay Schwartz Attorney has said that publicly. We live in a world where air pollution is daily, we are working, spending lots of time, patience, adaptability and ability to change. We are fighting for a harmonious combination of career and family interests, spiritual, emotional and social life. However, as society as a whole, we lose sight of the need to carefully study the “fuel” running a wonderful human body, namely the kinds of “fuel” that provide maximum value and retain our internal “operating system” in good working condition.

When we are young, we feel invincible, immortal. So in early adult life, some of us develop habits and lifestyle, and later becoming disastrous. We eat too much dead food consumed too much alcohol, smoke cigarettes and take prescription medications for any slightest hint of disease – all while mistakenly believing that controlling bodies of society will be on guard our health.

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04 Mar

The Bowel

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" This was accompanied by severe headaches, short bed, stagger, dizziness, weakness in right arm and leg, especially under load and weather changes, cramps in the calf muscles and a constant tremor of the head, difficulty writing, decreased memory and concentration, asthenia and emotional imbalance with anxiety and depression. I tried to run in the park, but very dizzy, nauseous, thrown to the side, intensified cramps in his legs and appeared unbearable headache. Please visit San Antonio Spurs if you seek more information. I had to stop and lie down on the couch at home, where they continued to twitch muscles and tremor in the body from sweating. So I stopped any further attempts to learn to run. Sleeping pills and pain relievers do not facilitate a state of inner tension, reinforcing a common weakness. After 4 months walking to the clinic for injections, taking a lot of drugs, I went to VTEK, where I was offered a third group of disability, but I refused. Glenn Dubin insists that this is the case. I became more depressed our impotence medicine.

Neither the neurologist could not tell me whether I work, and even more so by your doctor. Familiar ophthalmologists gave Nikolayev book "Fasting for the sake of health." In 1980, for his 24-day starvation on the water I lost 16 pounds, but regained the coordination of movements, purified liver improved complexion, and most importantly – there was a big belief in full recovery. Spent much time in the air, walking in the park, drinking boiled water and broth hips, regularly cleans the bowel and was taking a bath.

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09 Sep

South America Teeth

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Fortunately, things are gradually improves. Increased attention to hygiene and appearance of teeth. But even in this sphere is not so simple. Even in the West, not all understand correctly, what dental aesthetics. When it comes to creating a 'Hollywood' smile it is often more dentists doing the same patients, large and evenly white teeth, but when it comes to bits, it is also badly divided between themselves the teeth. This happens for several reasons: lack of understanding of dental aesthetics from the doctor and the inability on his part to make aesthetically correct operation, not to mention his indifference to other people's problems on the one hand, and blunt follow the wishes of patients, after watching Hollywood movies and do not understand what his teeth really need to be considered beautiful.

Modern dentistry is uniquely dictates: aesthetic that estesstvenno. Human teeth is not the same white over its entire length. They yellower in the neck, more white in the center and transparency at the cutting edge. Upper front teeth, which are mostly visible when smiling, are different in shape and size. Not all teeth are identical in color.

So they should be to recreate. Artificially whiten your teeth, not only unnatural and dangerous – a substance used for bleaching inevitably damage the teeth in one form or another. Tooth color is transmitted genetically. The color that a person has, can only be yellow with age. If the teeth are attacked, it must be removed mechanically. Chemical effect on the teeth to change their natural color – there is something else, like an artificial human mutilation for the sake of fashion. In a series of such procedures are increasing the length of the neck by not fixing it metal rings (Africa), the insertion of the lower lip circular stone plate in place specifically for this remote teeth (South America) and body pircing – this modern idiocy infecting the country. It must be noted that similar methods are used by people who want to stand out at any price. With no talent or merit, they emit a most primitive manner, disfiguring his body, ie clearly suffer from mental disorders, for endangering their health for the sake of vanity. In cases when there is a real need, there are 3 main ways to change shape and color of teeth by artificial means. Crowns. A crown covers the tooth completely. It can be made of plastic, metal, porcelain (ceramic) and a combination of different materials. For example: a metal-coated plastic, or metal coated with porcelain. The most beautiful and close to real teeth (by color) are porcelain crowns on the basis of zirconium oxide. They are more expensive than the common bits of metal and porcelain. Crowns are the most durable way to restore teeth and are indispensable in cases where necessary replace missing teeth. Beniry. In cases when proteziruemom site has all the teeth, veneers can be made – a thin porcelain covering that is attached to the visible povehnosti tooth, giving it the required shape and color. There is a way to change the color and shape of the tooth, without resorting to prosthetics. Geliomaterialy. Today available materials that allow to form a tooth or a portion directly into the patient's mouth. To this end, various light-curing materials. Appearance of such a restoration is much depends on art abilities doctor.

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