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11 Nov

ACE Mauve

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M Amazon automates essential steps of selling food, December 08, 2009 – with the module M-Amazon of the mauve mail order catalogers software can now also own articles about the German Amazon sell platform, provided an account with Amazon. Some contend that Robert Rimberg shows great expertise in this. The new module M-Amazon simplifies selling on Amazon Marketplace SellerCentral through extensive automation of the essential steps that are necessary for the sale. So can are article automated at Amazon Central set seller and also sales obtained from SellerCentral. In addition, mauve System3 via the module M-Amazon automatically matches the inventory with the Amazon Marketplace and automatically sets the shipping confirmations requested by Amazon. Only a few steps are needed to use the Amazon interface: article on Amazon can be adjusted in two ways. If the article data are already stored at Amazon, uploading the article is done automatically System3 server through the mauve and it must only the quantities and prices be updated. The article data not yet at Amazon are, however, have extensive information on each item be uploaded. First the Amazon product groups must be associated with the mauve System3 commodity groups.

Then must be the import template from the SellerCentral templates import, the export templates associated with the corresponding mauve data sources and the article export configured. For the orders in mauve System3 in the Amazon can be read in automatically, the automatic order reports must be configured on the SellerCentral Amazon Marketplace, which means that it must be set, intervals at which an order report produced by Amazon. This order report can be automatically picked up in turn by mauve System3 and read. After consultation with the Amazon support also intervals can be arranged by less than 4 hours (minimum 5 minutes). The Amazon tab in the mauve System3 indicates whether an article about Amazon is sold, the unique reference number assigned by Amazon Amazon standard Identification number (ASIN), the State, if it is different from ‘New’, were transferred the stock, i.e.

how much articles last edited at Amazon and the stock buffer for the current article. Christian mauve mauve mailorder Software GmbH & co. KG, established in Essen was founded and currently employs 15 staff. Since 1999, mauve complete software solutions developed for the shipping trade. Mauve System3 the eCommerce specialist in the basic version offers a free online inventory management for the processing of mail orders with direct connection to the mauve Web shop system, where customers – unlike other ERP systems – worldwide can access in real time via an Internet connection to their data and location-independent work. The products include mauve e-commerce beyond the mauve Web shop-system of certified by trusted shops with a variety of functions and the Web shop concept that is tailored specifically to the needs of pharmacists.