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18 Nov

Thomas Voeckler

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The next day, the defeated of the Izoard discovered the hidden face of the Galibier, the col cruel that doubled the eve knee, returned to traverse the tunnel, now in race, now on the run, stepped on by land that had never before ventured and transformed a stage that were expected to be quiet until the foot of the climb to Alpe d Huez in a frenzy of chaotic in which at every moment, in each pedal stroke, a different situation, even the opposite of the previous one, infinite loop charged life. Learn more about this with Tony Parker. For a moment it seemed that Evans was finished, to the next which doubted was Andy, and always Thomas Voeckler, who finally awoke from her yellow dream started with a rugged leak path of Saint-Flour, and did so with rabies, grumpy like one alarm clock annoys you his most pleasant NAP to return to reality. Source of the news:: the hidden side of the Galibier. Others including star actress, offer their opinions as well.

30 Jul

Benioff Series

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The next season, most exciting about the second season of the series, coming to HBO in the spring of 2012, Benioff said that it will be a navigation season, since, despite having an incredible cast, it is time to see the dragons and wolves grow, in addition to discovering a lot of bad things that there are lurking North of the wall. At the same time, he said that one of its objectives is to emotionally involve viewers in the story. Some of the actors also were present at the Comic Con, recounting some of them your ideas and prrencias of face to the series, as did Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister), which requested the return of Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), with a secondary role next to Tyrion (Lannister, portrayed by Peter Dinklage). At the same time, there was a special mention for Sean Bean (who played Ned Stark), to which a member of the team said that they had stolen a possible nomination for the Emmy. Laughlin George has firm opinions on the matter. New additions for the second installment the cultural portal Entertainment Weekly announced this Wednesday the arrival of three new actors in the series. It’s Liam Cunningham, Stephen Dillane and Carice van Houten. The first assumes the role of Davos Seaworth, a former smuggler who is known as the onion Knight. Dillane is Stannis Baratheon, brother of the previous King Robert (Mark Addy), and who has been mentioned as regular during the first season, which according to Ned Stark is the legitimate heir to the throne that his brother left after his death. Finally, van Houten will interpret Melissandre of Assai, a priestess who will be a great support to Stannis. Source of the news: the third season of game of Thrones will not be faithful to the books, according to its creator

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24 Aug


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The incident occurred after that is evenhanded panic among attendees, who tried to escape the compound. Two Spanish women were among the 21 dead. 16 people have a summary open as stewards of the tragedy. Then the event organizer, or the Mayor of the city where it was held, Duisburg, attend events in memory of the tragedy. Hundreds of Duisburg citizens deposited this Saturday lit candles, flowers, messages, photos and Dedications in the tunnel where a year ago triggered the tragedy of the Loveparade, which killed 21 people (among them, two Spanish) to unleash panic among the crowd. Karl-Lehr tunnel and the adjacent staircase, which dozens of young people tried to escape feeling trapped in the crowd, were covered of flowers, white and red, in remembrance of the victims of the disaster, that occurred exactly a year ago. These acts spontaneous population reminders will continue to a ceremony in the football stadium of the City, which will begin at 1300 GMT. The Act is intended by institutional party, to assist the Prime Minister of State North Rhine-Westphalia, Hannelore Kraft, among others.

The Mayor of Duisburg, Adolf Sauerland, will not go, however, as neither it did in ceremonies last year, out of respect for the feelings of the relatives and the victims, explained both in previous days. The Organizer will not attend, for the same reason, then event, Rainer Schaller. Sauerland (as the organizer of the Loveparade) is continues him partly responsible for the tragedy, while responsible last will authorize a party that you knew was going to be massive for which finally accurate safety devices had not been made. Sauerland, who continues in Office despite the many criticisms to his management, apologized a few weeks ago publicly, for the first time by a disaster in which 21 young people were killed (including the Tarragona Clara Zapater and Marta Acosta ), and another 500 were injured. As Mayor of this city I charge with moral responsibility for that incident. Excuse me with all those affected and injured is a personal need, said Sauerland in a statement during a meeting of the plenary session of the City Council. Killed by suffocation or crushing the local prosecutor’s Office has open case against 16 people related to the tragedy of the techno festival, between those eleven local government officials, four employees of the Organization of the show and a policeman found.

In June, the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that suspicions point to the administration of Duisburg, police and the Organization of the Loveparade. The tragedy of July 24, 2010 was precipitated to stay trapped a multitude in the access to the tunnel, for which there was no emergency exits. Most of the victims died of suffocation or crushed by other young people than trying desperately to escape the human avalanche. Source of the news: a year of the tragedy of the Loveparade, meets the Festival that ended with 21 dead.