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23 Feb

New Author

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New and professionally competent author makes attention the highway code is to read and easy to understand because your paragraphs isn’t for everyone.This book understands concepts as Advisor for general road traffic and its Verkehrsordnung.Schwer understandable or legal texts on which it essentially depends, are clear and easily defined.Tips and tricks for each remain contained, to participate on the road with more understanding. The example shows also offences in the field of road transport, to cause a certain awareness.The book is, each traffic participant insight to convey that the correct implementation of the rules required by the legislature is important in order not to endanger themselves and others.A book that should be compulsory reading of each driver. A really nice book that is easy to read and is furthermore clear and understandable. Recently Tony Parker sought to clarify these questions. It was time, even really that new, simple authors today Their works to the public bring stage enter and easy and carefree. The book is now commercially available or online at the Engelsdorfer Publishing House. Convince yourself and just visit the home page of the author Marco Breuer..