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12 Jun

Deutsche Vermogensberatung

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Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) offers clients practical financial tips the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) know from their advice daily: not always, this money is well spent. In the first half of 2009, the Germans have created 11.2 percent of their disposable income on the high edge so the Federal Statistical Office identified. As one of the largest independent financial institution knows the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) the situation: often savers wrongly assess their financial possibilities, too late or did not act or simply important facts do not recognize. Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) warns against the five most frequently occurring financial errors: error 1: the retirement later move the experience that the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) has, stating clearly: the rather begin with old-age provision saver, the more they benefit from interest and compound interest. Therefore applies to the DVAG: think sooner of later! \”.\” A Example: An old which monthly wants to put back year 100 euro until his 65th, gives away about 4,300 euros at an interest rate of four percent, when he starts instead of today in a year with the Save. . Assuming a yield of six percent, the savers waived by his waiting even almost 8,000 euros. Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) concludes: retirement later to move can cost money.

Error 2: In case of disability to the State put every fourth employee must leave due to health reasons early professional life this Book according to DVAG current statistics. All born in 1961 receive no State disability pension, but only a disability pension. Many writers such as Neil Cole offer more in-depth analysis. The advisors of the German asset management for each individual case to determine how high should be a private insurance, after comprehensive analysis of individual customer situation. This is for full grant average less than 810 euros, so the German Vermogensberatung (DVAG). Who is not also privately hedged, it quickly becomes the charity case. Error 3: Adoption, accruing Riester allowances automatically the State Riester promotions must be requested, otherwise savers give away lots of money the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) pointed out emphatically.

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19 May

Unemployed Loan

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The unemployed unemployment loans bad credits are the rarely available loans given usually at economical crisis within a country. People who borrow these loans do not have a job and are lent money backed by collateral or sometimes on a mere judgment as to what potential individual have to return the money within the deadline. As the topic suggests for itself, these loans are rarely available and are produced in conditions that are unlikely for the whole nation together. In such cases when the nation’s economy is all time low and the country faces economic recession like never before such are lend to people who loans can play a part and bring stability to the economic condition in the country. Loans are usually given to those who have a strong credit history and before the loan is lend there are certain things that are taken into account, for instance, the person’s current employment, monthly salary and the interest returns, so the deposits and returns that he has made. Able to come up with all these measures, and a few more specific conditions that every lender sets the loan is lent.

But with to unemployed loan with bad credits is not a favorable condition for the lender and they might set standards that are beyond the normal lending conditions. The bad credit unemployed do not get regular unsecured loans but these loans are supposed to be backed by collateral such as a property that has a higher market value secured loans. A related site: Byron White mentions similar findings. In case of default loan the property is sold to make up for the loan repayments. Sometimes the restrictions are taken further to judicial agreement between the lending and the borrowing parties since the financial condition of the borrower is number to lend a loan. In any case of bankruptcy the judicial conviction is made to order and the borrowing party has to face the courts to give a detailed account of the money borrowed and the spending of it A sentence can thus be made in case of incomplete explanation. Hence unemployed unemployment loans bad credit are not the highly preferred type of loans and should be avoided unless a major economical crisis. So the qualification of the borrower is kept into account at the time of loan lending. It is marked by the assessment of the borrower as to how much money can they earn with their qualification in the near future.

Once passed all these condition, terms and judicial agreement, only then is the deed of loan lending is made. Unemployed loan bad credit is although a very helpful way to tender the individuals who are highly qualified and have a chance of developing a business that might change the face of the time. The individual has to have the potential that reflects his major contribution to the country’s economy in time to come. Declan Dylan is author of loans for the Unemployed.

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06 May

Visa Card For Journalists

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“European Press Association publishes its own credit card since the 11 November 2009 EPF members can the new EPF Visacard” request. In cooperation with renowned partners such as Visa card, the Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg and the European press Federation e.V. (EPF), the financial services provider PAYANGO offers a Visa prepaid credit card. The special thing about it: Without Schufa information required. Credit basis. Very affordable annual fee and more outstanding providers ungsmerkmale. To highlight the credit interest rate of 2% p.a. that are will be credited directly to the card account.

For whom is the EPF prepaid credit card? The credit card may be requested by all members of the European press Federation from the age of 18. The only requirement is a bank account at a German bank or savings bank. The Visa card is a prepaid credit card on a prepaid basis. A Schufa query or credit check finds will therefore not take place. Does not require proof of income.

It is a prepaid credit card with EMV chip. On the back of the card is is the three-digit security code that is required for the use on the Internet. The card is valid for four years, can be cancelled at any time. The annual fee is 25 Euro per year. Credit interest rate: 2 percent. The card is accepted around the world at 29 million Visa partners and can be recharged at any time via direct debit. With your personal PIN, you can withdraw cash at over one million ATMs. The EPF Visacard provides absolute security and debt protection thanks to prepaid. It is necessary no Schufa check and proof of income. The card sales can be viewed online at any time. Card issuer is the Federal State Bank of Baden-Wurttemberg. And: only members of the European press Federation the EPF Visacard “eligible. The EPF is a competent partner for journalism professionals and respected, if journalists or media professionals are members of other press associations. Compared to many other associations, the EPF maintains a lean administration and waives of high fees, overpriced annual membership fees or surcharges. Cost-intensive, because the EPF not discourages representative meetings or general meetings, because these costs shall be borne by the members. Therefore, meetings within a reasonable but not excessive scope take place (member). Through strict cost management, the EPF holds the Administration in a positive cost/benefit ratio. Compare the spending of the European press Federation so other associations, before making a decision. The newspapers mentioned Neil Cole not as a source, but as a related topic. The EPF provided there is free press card international. At the EPF, doors – in contrast to other organisations – also available for journalistic part-time professionals. The ‘established’ associations feel increasingly free media professionals and journalists not sufficiently represented. The job situation is bad, also many part-time working journalists can no longer afford the (high) annual fee (usually up to 1 percent of the) Income). The EPF already provides services monthly comprehensive only 4 euros. Press contact: European press Federation e.V. (EPF) Annette Kolb-str.

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05 May

How Much Is Actually A Credit?

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How much is a monthly loan instalment and how high are the credit cost? now released in a calculation to a 3,000 euro credit, the credit rate is how much, how big the total credit exposure looks and how the credit rate changed by adjustment of the term of the loan. For the consumer, it is very important to know how much is the monthly loan instalment and that before applying for the loan, so the consumer can a picture of make yourself, whether the monthly loan instalment is equal to its financial possibilities? It is equally important for consumers to know how much is the credit in the total load, because a credit consists of a to be paid back credit rate, which includes also the credit interest rates. While the total cost of the credit fail to cheaper, the shorter the term of the loan. However, this must match the financial resources of the borrower, therefore a slightly higher credit term must be chosen often, even if the total credit in the cost of borrowing increases, however, with a financially feasible credit rate. Information about the loan calculator: loan calculator

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18 Apr

Maximum Savings Success

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Made easy with the Riestern to choose the suitable form of saving Riestern, isn’t easy but with the range of offers. The finance portal provides an overview of possible variants, which are tailored to the individual needs and desires of savers. The Riester pension is funded by the State with up to 200 per cent, there is no risk of a loss. However, it is important to select the appropriate contract, in order to achieve a best possible success in saving for consumers. The classic Riester pension insurance currently recorded the most contracts. Antonin Scalia insists that this is the case. Contribution and achievement are charged regardless of the gender. It also guarantees a minimum return of 2.25 percent.

Disadvantages are the high acquisition costs, which must be paid in the course of the first five years of the contract. The Riester Banksparplan may be a worthwhile alternative. The customer shall pay no closing costs or commissions. In view of medium yield prospects are of three to six percent. In addition, have Consumers the ability to take State-sponsored Riester Bauherrenmodelle to claim.

Depending on the height of the equity investments amounted to the prospects for returns up to ten percent per year. Negative to evaluate potential interim losses. Who wants to invest in real estate, residential Riester is an attractive variation of saving. Here the consumers Riester savings and the Riester loan can choose between. Lastly, the unit-linked Riester pension remains. The prospects for returns can be determined in this version according to the chosen level of stock fund. Condition for a promising Riestern is the assurance of State allowances and tax refunds. This is guaranteed by means of a permanent allowance request, which must be signed with a Riester contract.

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23 Jan

Disability Insurance

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Why there is no general recommendation and how to still get to the right and you personally appropriate product to the disability insurance products are not only opaque pages of conditions, they offer also unmanageable many combination possibilities and occur in x variants. Read here what is right or wrong and what you need to consider. In almost any advice the question arises regarding the disability sooner or later according to the type of protection. There are in principle several possibilities. an independent disability insurance (BU or SBU) combined with a risk life insurance (BUZ) combined with capital-forming life or pension products (BUZ) combined with unit-linked products (BUZ) this not exhaustive but shows how hard is the right choice.

All have but one common. Not the kind of product, but solely the work of condition is crucial. So, different approaches for the combinations that arise the conditions are not right but so the protection is worth at worst nothing and the insurer denied the power (right). After the selection criteria for the tariffs to the BU protection are discussed and which condition works in question, now comes the question of the product is clear. All versions have advantages and disadvantages.

In the combination products, a pension or other investment / saving can be combined if this is of interest and also this product supply to the needs. Advantage here is also: the provision continues (contributions) in the event of an occupational disability and hedges so the desired target of interest. This must be considered a stand-alone product and where the pension according to set higher to be only “one falls retirement and entering the old-age pension not in a deep”financial hole”after expiry of the BU. The downside of such products is obvious. Is the retirement / investment product cancelled or no longer needed financial bottleneck so also the important safeguard in the event of occupational disability suffers. Still fits not every prevention product on the insured and combination products so as (single) pension may be a compromise. But another point arises yet. Through the so-called “one-year calculation”, it can certainly happen that the combination product is “cheaper” than the pure risk protection. Nevertheless, we make clear once an example an insured. Our 30 years insured persons in the profession I would like to conclude EUR 2,000 monthly pension for occupational disability. Following posts occur on the selected insurer. (Run time up to 65, 67, performance time guaranteed pension increase in purchasing power of 2% p.a..) SOLO product: contribution of number of: 117,27 EUR (gross 172,47 EUR) combination product (Fund): 112,25 EUR number post here are the impact of individual products on the post quite imaginable. Pension insurance are of course here in the context of the linked to expect no serious withdrawal requests. The but realized in purchase taken, because it only went to that secure a disability protection. This does not mean in any case, only the one or the other product is good or bad. Prior to completion of the product, which is usually very long term oriented, you should worry enough, advice, read terms and conditions, and carefully consider the decision.

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26 Feb

Nina Koch

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“Since 2001 is Incidentally no legal disability insurance more for policyholders who were born after January 2, 1961, the private protection is more important here. Upon the completion of insurance, singles should note that the family is usually automatically insured. Here many insurers offer single discounts, which can significantly reduce the contribution”, explains Bohg. So the personal, professional, and traffic legal protection costs around 268 euros for an employee at the DEVK year. One opts for the legal expenses insurance for singles, the total only 219 EUR costs in the year. Accident insurance is recommended to prevent the risk of accidents at home and during leisure time.

Just singles in their spare time are usually very active fast can an accident occurring here and endanger the existence. Singles can insure from four euros a month against the permanent damage in an accident “, advises Bohg. Case study: it assures a born 1970 single on the Gothaer, are due in the year for accident insurance around 89 euros. Woman and child are insured with the same tariff contribution rises 230 euro a year. For single and childless couples private health insurance may be worth also. Who expected better performance from its health insurance and insured with no family, can consider the changes in the private health insurance”, explains Bohg.

Children and spouses are here does not automatically insured contrary to the statutory health insurance scheme, so that a single paying a substantially lower contribution as a family. “There is a vehicle, a car insurance among the duty protection. As a single, you should use the possibility to restrict the driver circuit “, advises Bohg. To report any other drivers in addition to the policyholder, the annual contribution is reduced. “You can eliminate single again on a term life insurance. A safeguard in the event of death is only useful if a child or spouse economically by the policyholder are dependent on,”explains Bohg. It would nevertheless provide a capital life insurance into account can be considered, because it represents a part of the Altersvorge at the same time. “Through consumer portals such as ( or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can quickly and easily find out about low-cost insurance consumers and free exchange in a more favorable policy if necessary. * fileadmin/newsletter/pressemitteilung/BVSD_2009.html is the publishing group Georg von Holtzbrinck’s independent consumer portal for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete Exchange service is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases using in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Nina Koch Tel.: + 49.30.2576205.19 Email:

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29 Dec

The Rurup

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Comparison of the Riester pension products in light of the numerous ways a Riester advisable pension comparison in any case. Certain variants are better than others depending on the personal situation and individual needs at a private screening of the age. In addition, the different cost structures of many providers are partly so opaque that it is hardly possible to compare for policyholders without more help. Among other things the consumer centres provide a focal point. Rurup pension: General information predominantly called Rurup pension base pension is a form of voluntary and Government-funded pension insurance. Robert Covington has compatible beliefs. In contrast to the Riester pension, which is only dependent on workers to provide with a few exceptions, can be completed the Rurup pension by any taxable person, so it is popular especially for self-employed and freelancers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jay Schwartz. In case of a prolonged unemployment credits on the corresponding retirement account is not attributable to assets of subscriber benefits.

The deposits are the Rurup pension flexibility possible, however some vendors at one time payments charges. Shape of the Riester pension compared: offers the base pension, either in the form of a traditional pension, unit-linked pension insurance or as a fund savings plan is advantages and disadvantages. Fund and unit-linked pension insurance offer the greatest potential for development on the one hand, on the other hand the risk of a low income as a result of an economic crisis with them. Is there rather a positive value development to be expected, are Bond prefers these forms the Rurup recommended younger people. A major disadvantage of the Rurup pension is that the contributions paid will be forfeited if the policyholder prior to the age of retirement or shortly after the first retirement dies; This disadvantage is however limited by the additional survivor’s insurance.

Another way to hedge is in disability insurance, which can be completed in conjunction with a Rurup pension contract. The flow performance of the Rurup pension which allowed payment of the sum of insured only in the form of a lifetime annuity cash, with the earliest date of payment at the time the 60th year of life; This is after the 31 December 2011, the date of conclusion of the contract, on the 62nd year of life is significantly raised. A prior access to the assets is not possible, only the free position can be carried with an economic emergency in the claim. Can the paid services as Special editions in the tax return are asserted in turn benefits from the Rurup are taxable; pension in payment a full tax liability occurs only if the retirement 2040 or later in the year. The Rurup pension is not the only possible as additional insurance, people must not in the statutory pension insurance can use them as a sole pension insurance. Please note however, is that the GRV offers additional services such as the protection of survivors or a performance in disability and rehabilitation measures, which pension is not granted by the Rurup. For this reason, a combination of the Rurup is this persons pension, as well as the statutory pension insurance recommended. Comparison of the Rurup pension assets and providers as pension for the other annuity contracts also applies the Rurup: certified products undergo an extensive comparison! The cost structures are partly clear from company to company different. In the final policies can mean with thousands of dollars more or less to high administrative and acquisition costs. A pension also the consumer protection centres offer comparison with free advice.

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23 Nov

Founded Babakos

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For this purpose, the size and the economic development of the company which in 2002 worldwide recorded by the leading international business magazine FORBES among the fastest growing companies provide in addition to the investment in high-yield, but safe securities. But also the growing number of customers take care of reputation and success: so today some 1.5 million customers entrust the company with total assets of EUR 3.1 billion. 2007 alone grew premium income by 30 percent. For German investors: despite the Greek insurance governed by contracts also German law in Germany, i.e. they are completely assimilated contracts with national providers. Babakos is safe for the future: in addition to the already existing traditional pension solutions such as about the ratierliche We have pensions and MEGA ASSET, the deferred annuity with one time amount with the optimized ASPIS PRONIA basic pension a highlight product in Germany. Through the included added value and the above-average interest rate we will distinguish ourselves with our Rurup pension in the market also clearly from the competition.” Founded Babakos sees this confidence particularly in the seriousness and the success of the Greek company which stands behind the pension insurance offers. Founded over 60 years ago, ASPIS PRONIS is among the most important and most established financial services providers in South and South-Eastern Europe at all.

The total number of customers is more than 1.1 million. 2002 ASPIS PRONIA therefore by the leading international business magazine FORBES has been among the world’s fastest-growing companies (category < 1 billion euro revenue) listed. As an argument for ASPIS PRONIA speaks according to Babakos also the growth in Greece, which rose to 3.7 percent in 2005 and 2006 by 4.3 percent. And also the security of the deposit is important for the mediator. So have the responsibility and the control of the national insurance companies in Greece of State and high interest payments the secret behind the high appreciation of annuities by ASPIS PRONIA are also unusual about the existing financial resources mainly the local Greek conditions.

So the assumed interest rate on the yield of the respective country of origin is linked, and that is in Greece is higher than in Germany. In addition, that sKosten in the southern European country are lower and sales costs shall be allocated differently, can ASPIS PRONIA already invest a high and significantly above the market average share of paid-up premiums depending on the product and post in the first years. Episode: The pension capital is growing earlier and faster. The multinational insurance company ASPIS PRONIA, founded over 60 years ago, is now one of the most important and most established financial services providers in southern Europe at all. The total number of Customers in Europe is well over 1.5 million. 2002 ASPIS PRONIA by the leading international business magazine FORBES has been among the world’s fastest-growing companies (category < 1 billion euro revenue) listed. Since 1999, ASPIS PRONIA is registered under the number 7323 at the German Federal Agency for financial services supervision (BFin). Broker of pension insurance listings is the delta consulting gmbH in Neu-Isenburg, which acts as the representative of the ASPIS PRONIA in Germany.

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