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21 Mar

The Opening of New Markets

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Consider that all of this in recent years has led to the opening of new markets and is very significant for many companies unprepared for this, as the case of the SME. The opening of new markets has fact that trade between countries has increased. However, this fact, in recent years as globalization has been becoming more dynamic, as an unstoppable process and the free flow of goods and information has increased, spurred by the development of telecommunications, requires that SMEs identify with them in order to compete, participate actively. It said Porte (1990), the competitiveness of SMEs in the field of information technology has been framed largely in corporate strategies, structure, in which the company is immersed and the rivalry between companies. You may find that Ken Kao can contribute to your knowledge. Of course, the SME, which has been inserted successfully in the globalization process has had to come prepared as they have other countries to compete, giving way to creativity, innovation capabilities and capitalizing on technological advances that are occurring in specific field of action, something that unfortunately the Venezuelan management of many SMEs as neglect. It a fact that many SMEs have neglected everything related to quality of products or services, delivery capability, servicing, product diversification, efficient use of computing in support of marketing and database .. Management must take very seriously the role of new wings information technology and communication or new media, given that it assists in determining the scope, impact it generates, especially with the possibility of a potential scenario for competitiveness, nature generated in a nascent sector of the national economy and a global market that is characterized by an interconnected market, which formally defined as a series of relationships between businesses, suppliers and customers in a value chain, in which goods and services flow from left to right through a series of interconnected business. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Related Group.

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