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09 Feb

Cleaning Clogged Pipes

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Do not leave unattended first indicators of a suitable outlet obstruction pipe tubs, sinks, washing. If the water was draining slowly resort to a special chemical means to remove a small clogged pipe before you have to meet with serious blockages. Cleaning the outlet pipe grease, hair and particles of food waste gradually get stuck in the water seal and drainage pipes. Continuous processing of the relevant chemical composition for cleaning sewer pipes gives the purity and the absence of unpleasant odors. Only once the water started draining slowly, immediately use the tool for cleaning sewers. Obey the manufacturer's instructions, paying particular attention to proper handling chemicals. If after cleaning the drain pipe remained an unpleasant smell, pour a small overflow basin of antiseptic. Using hydraulic pump for cleaning blockages If vantuz not cope with the outlet pipe blockages, use simple manual water pump.

Downward movement of the tube carries a strong jet of water to remove the cork. If the blockage remains firmly on its place, moving up doing enough suction force to shift it up the chimney. Cleaning the pipes constantly vertical pipe from the trap is sealed with a horizontal section of the outlet branch sewer pipeline. This site is usually installed sewage treatment cap, especially so you can clean the horizontal tube. Take a bucket and remove the plug with pipe wrench. With the help of a wire with a hook at the end check the horizontal tube. If it contains a very Seated tube, take a special drill to clean the pipelines. If no treatment plant plugs for use borax un siphon.

If the pipeline using slip-joint, the pipe can be removed. Finding the point of obstruction Remove the lid adjacent to the house manhole. If it is stuck or her otorzhaveli pen, clean the dirt around the edges and pry it garden spade. If there is water in the well, check out the next well in the direction of the street or the border area. If this well is "dry" – blockage somewhere between these wells. If the closest to the street pit filled with water, then blockage is in the siphon-sump or outside the pipe going to the collector. If both wells have no water, and storm-water inlets or yard of the ground floor toilet not emptied, check for blockages in the sewer branches, leading to the first manhole. Cleaning the sewage flexible bar Unscrew together two or three sections of the rod and fasten at the end of the spiral nozzle-spin. Insert the coil into the pipe at the bottom of the manhole, by bringing it into the direction of the expected obstruction. If the well is filled with water, to detect the hole pipe end of the rod to probe the bottom to find the bottom channel, leading to the opening. With the introduction of the rod to connect the new pipe sections, until you reach the obstruction, then start to rotate the shaft clockwise, so that will enable the nozzle. (Do not rotate the shaft counterclockwise, since the sections will be separated.) Drag and pull obstruction until it is destroyed and will not open for the passage of clean water.

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