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07 May

Same Time

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Any system of smart home consists of sensors, through which information comes, and actuators. One of the main advantages of intelligent buildings – is a comfort, they provide to their tenants. About how it's convenient, judge for yourself. Lighting control home and house infrastructure allows you to create different versions of light scenes, any combination, depending on the time days and moods at the touch of a button. System climate control makes it possible at one and the same time in different rooms to recreate the conditions of various climatic zones. To do this, just need to set the desired temperature on the touch control panel. All home appliances available in the house can become a caring helper – coffee in the coffee maker will be ready by the time of awakening, a microwave switch on a timer, and multi-room systems allow the hostess did not break away from watching the film, which looks the whole family in the living room when she went to the kitchen to cook dinner, or herself down the volume on the music center when the phone rings. Householder able to handle even remotely, giving the command system on the phone.

As a result, for example, in the dank day for his return to work will be ready to hot tub and vskipyachen tea and dim lights and relaxing music will make return to a comfortable and happy, even if the house is empty. Another unquestionable advantage 'smart' house – it's security system. Moreover, the automation system has been planned that require protection against any emergency.

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01 Nov

Normal Technician

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Non-compliance with this rule can lead to serious consequences. How do I find a good telemastera.Dlya that there are a few tips: – normal tv technician never gives guarantee for 1 year, more so on the whole tv, but honestly is responsible for their work. Masters of giving a guarantee for a year, you can not find a week later, with what I have not once encountered. Terms of the guarantees established "Rules consumer services in Ukraine, has not been canceled: it is 1 month for television, refurbished on-site and 3 months for television, refurbished in a stationary shop. – Normal tv technician Specializing only in the repair of televisions.

Not nothing worse than a "jack of all trades". Typically, this wizard can not really fix anything, for what it takes. – Normal tv technician never take money upfront, or only In exceptional cases, if you want to buy an expensive item, while leaving a receipt. – A normal tv technician for a suitcase with the tools – too heavy. – Normal tv technician will never send the owner of the tv the market for parts, or circuit, if you encounter such a video technician, try to let him go anyway, because of such repairs is nothing good will come out.

– Price of a good video technician correspond to the average level. He does not take superfluous, but also appreciates his work. How to connect your tv to kompyuteru.Esli you want to watch movies in DivX or dvd on the big screen can be used for this purpose television.

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