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23 May

Universal Declaration

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The History of the human right Humanos.Os Rights is the basic rights and freedoms of all the human beings. Normally the concept of human rights has the idea also of expression and thought freedom, and the equal protection of law. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man of the Organization of United Nations affirms: All the human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Endowed with reason and conscience, ones must act stops with the others in fraternity spirit. The idea of human rights has origin in the philosophical concept of natural laws that would be attributed by 2 Gods ; some support that it would not have no difference between the human rights and the natural laws and see in the distinct nomenclature labels for one same idea. Neil R Cole wanted to know more.

Others argue to be necessary to keep separate terms to eliminate the association with characteristics normally related with the natural laws. 3, being John Locke perhaps the most important philosopher to develop this theory 4. One exists important debate on the cultural origin of the human rights. Generally if it considers that they have its root in the culture modern occidental person, but exist the least more two main positions. Some affirm that all the cultures possess vises of dignity that if are a form of human rights, and make reference the announcements as the Letter of Mandn, of 1222, fundacional declaration of the Empire of Mal. Not obstante, nor in Japanese nor in classic snscrito, for example, the right term existed until contacts with the culture had been produced occidental person, since these cultures had traditionally placed one weight in the duties. They also exist who conside that the Ocidente did not create the idea nor the concept of the human rights, despite if a concrete way systemize them, a gradual quarrel and the project of a human legal philosophy.

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19 Nov

Carnival Donkeys

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Parmeira would take one piaba I already spoke: For, Lynno, I know that Carnival and Soccer are not your fort. Happened a thing braba with you, what it was? It then would make me the direful story that I transmit for vocs: Was I (the Lynno) in the Bar of China, for return of the 13 minutes of Saturday and asks for 13. dose of Brazil Globalizado (for who it does not know, the celebrity caninha pernambucana Prawn, in American cup, with a currency of Euro inside and served by authentic Chinese) when five huge ones, wearing coats black had approached me to Toucan. I had almost certainty that Lee pays to the account to the Fung, I could not then be the dragons of the security of boteco. Me> they had grasped, they had placed me a pointed hood they had dragged and me for a black camburo.

When I had taken off the pointed hood I was in a illuminated bilge only for a weak light bulb and the humidity could be felt in air and the leak nugget could be heard. Sela Ward has many thoughts on the issue. Seated in the cold chair, I nor of recompus and came the question well: A candidate would be dangerous terrorist and was involved in kidnapping and robbery. It is lean, cabeludo and bearded, but he can be bald and without beard, however would continue lean, who is? I could only answer, I know there and for the given description I risked if it was the Mountain range. The inquisidor if modified, that it saws inspector! People are not trouxa, mountain range are mountain, have rocks, trees, cascade, nothing to see with what we describe. She said then, I know there, the Ciro? the face answered: this folgado goes bag Ciro pro is not that religious manifestation of Par? I said, that one I am not Wax candle and the face was thinking, ah then the Ciro Port, of the EPTV, is not it not. It likes would fish, seems that you thinking that people we are donkeys, this is when two cachorros attracted by the desire are taken to the sexual compulsion and somebody says: ah, is rutting. I thought about laughing, but I remembered the music of the Z Ramalho that in tortures all if meat if trai and said baixinho: the Diiilmaaaaaaaaa? the face said qu! I repeated, the Dilma.

E it said, this face you of trick. The Dilma is not that one lady thus with the man, who went up 13% in the research? That one of music if voted in the face, now votes in the crown? One of brutamontes said for it: it waits there, Z, thus nobody goes to believe that you are not conforming. at this moment it leaves to fall PT 45 and I thought: Soon, that God helps, and spoke me high, that now will be the demon the faces if had rebelled. Demon not, in the last drowning in Sampa, the demon ordered a flood> U.T.I. (Unit Tucana de Inteligncia). They were of CAGB and SIA (the grafia is incorrectly correct): C.A.G.B. (We contract Donkeys, Gegues and Donkeys) and S.I.A. (Only Impregamos Donkeys). Formation in the educational standards So Paulo Toucans of last the 15 years.

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