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19 Aug


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I’ve been reading again the book rich dad, poor Dad of Robert Kiyosaky, along with another book of his own, retire young and rich, likewise have been reading power without limits of Tony Robbins, as well as other interesting literature that I have taught new things and given more resources to achieve my goals. However, something that many people don’t want to understand, and if read well, do not want to understand, and it is something in which the best self-improvement authors coincide person, and self-help, if you want to win, you have to change your mind, transform it, change your mentality, a loser, mentality of winner. For example Robert Kiyosaky sets in all his books that you should be willing to pay the price to get your economic freedom, to be financially independent, to get success, and you’re going to get, no doubt, but you have to be willing to pay the price for your success, nothing worthwhile in this world is free. And I think in the same way, I constantly receive visits from people looking for free books who wants the free exchange, without having to strive, but worst of all, is that they don’t find, I am sure that there are people who like me, have their blogs and what explains free Joe vitale, Robert Kiyosaky, Tony Robbins say in their books, but as the law of attraction States, you must be prepared, ready and willing to receive, to find it. Perhaps check out Maya Dubin, New York City for more information. However, the majority of the people, not willing to pay that price, go! If not even want to pay for the knowledge that lays the Foundation for change your life! i.e. is how much $17 or 19 USD compared to what you could get in your future life? I bought the key books and the power of attraction as well as Hypnotic Writing of Joe Vitale, and compared to what they’ve won lately and what I have achieved, the price that pay for those books, is nothing compared to what I’m winning today, and not just with my business of network marketing and traditional business, but with my blogs, with e-books I’ve written thanks to the value that I infused Joe with his books, Robert with his story. Is that many people feel a little intimidated with these characters, but they are normal people, which has lost money in their business, which has overcome its obstacles, and that is what identifies me with them, thats what drives me to tell my own story, and to create publications which I am sure will help many people like me, and you will feel more identified with a latino that with someone like Joe and Robert.

If you think that you can not change your mentality, my book transforms your universe show you that if it is possible, as opposed to what you believe, it will show you both sides of the coin, the of being a winner and then adopt the mentality of the masses, to experience failure, and change your mentality, the cost involved and the benefits. Takes the decision to transform you, by changing your mindset, redoing your mind alcanzaras the goals and dreams that you want, the mind is the most powerful ally that we have, but can also be the more powerful and ruthless enemy if we leave it free and without training. Get to work for you, and find out how you can transform your universe. More tips at:.

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12 May

Artificial Sweetener

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Stevia may be a healthy alternative? Sugar has a number of negative side effects for the organism, which have a detrimental effect on the well-being. Especially for diabetics and overweight people, it is important to do without sugar in their diets. As a result, many consumers to artificial sweetener access. However, more and more scientific studies prove that artificial sweetener is unhealthy and you should limit the use of or completely put off. But what alternative is there? A plant called stevia, which originated in Paraguay, has 300 times more sweetening power than sugar and no properties which affect the well-being. Why is sweetener unhealthy? Recent studies have shown that consumption of fructose may promote the development of high blood pressure. In addition, it must be noticed that fructose has the same number of calories as sugar syrup.

Therefore, fructose represents an excellent alternative to sugar because it does not have health-giving properties. Also artificial sweeteners such as aspartame for example affect the general well-being in a negative way. Artificial sweetener is extremely unhealthy because it can cause among other things the formation of cancer cells and interfere with kidney function. Many diabetics use artificial sweeteners, because they think there’s no other way to sweeten their foods. People who are overweight, who consume products for diets, consume a large amount of sweetener. In a question-answer forum Scarlett Strallen was the first to reply. Sweetener is unhealthy, many consumers are wondering what alternatives there are. The alternative to the sweetener stevia, there is a positive message. The healthy alternative to sweetener called Stevia and originated in Paraguay.

The Guarani, the indigenous people of the region, this particular plant, which has an extremely high sweetening power appreciated for centuries. Stevia has no calories and also properties, which reflect positively on the whole organism. You can therefore easily integrate stevia in the diet of any diet without having to worry about the negative impact of artificial sweetener. Another advantage of Stevia is that it can be safely used by diabetics. Unlike the sweetener stevia affects positively thanks to his healing powers on the general well-being of patients with diabetes. Stevia is approved as a food? Although stevia has all this positive, health-promoting properties, it is not approved in Germany as food and is therefore not in supermarkets. This situation exists in the entire EU area. Stevia as a food have already been approved only in France. If you would like to buy stevia in Germany, stevia is in most cases under the name of cosmetic product”sold. In other countries, such as for example Japan, stevia is used since the 1970s in the food industry. It is to be hoped that stevia due to its positive characteristics in the EU area as Sweetener is accepted.

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01 Jul

Restaurant Checks

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Sodexo emphasizes: it is always the right time for change Frankfurt, January 14, 2009 – (NBASOPM11012009) – the new year has started with good intentions but also with restraint on the developments of the financial crisis. The Federal Government currently discussed the cornerstones for another stimulus package after the partial nationalisation of Commerzbank. Especially in times of crisis companies but also opportunities, to maintain flexibility and to apply existing solutions are confidence, strengthen motivation and the power of employees especially if they are financially beneficial and also. Tax-free to 1.282,60 Euro surcharge in addition to the labour costs of companies their employees within the framework of the existing legal framework working up to 5.83 euros as get duty-free supplement to the wages can namely already today immediately and without effort. Jorge Perez shines more light on the discussion. \”Restaurant cheques are a viable economic stimulus package for all and ensure workers efficiently more net of the gross\”, George Wyrwoll, stresses Corporate Relations Manager for Sodexo. Government support ensures competitiveness with the restaurant vouchers from Sodexo funded staff meals can be easily in the company implement.

87,45 euro, are proof-free per worker per month in the year even a total amount of up to 1.282,60 euros as cash possible, to neither taxes nor social contributions incurred. Small – and medium-sized companies that can offer so in addition also still a valuable social service employees benefit from this relief of non-wage costs. To deepen your understanding Sally Rooney is the source. Restaurant checks offer diverse benefits of restaurant checks prove their potential in a difficult market environment: so companies can take advantage of a beneficial instrument of personnel policy and significantly improve employee satisfaction and identification with the company. With the restaurant cheques by Sodexo the opportunity on the one hand, without additional burden and costs associated with increasing the wage of the employees. In addition, employers that can Voucher system for staff catering positively but also the equal treatment and motivation of the employees. .

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