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20 Jan

American Indians

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I have chosen Super boots Pull & Bear in which navajo tissue stands out as the main reason for this post. As we know, ethnic motives are a full current trend this season, and especially the navajo style is one of my favorites. It’s believed that Margaret Loesser Robinson sees a great future in this idea. This style is able to transform your appearance with a simple detail on the jacket or shoes. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Rimberg is the place to go. shoe prints of tribal air, fringes, skin, warm colors and feathers. This winter we put the look on American Indians and adapt their style to more informal modern fashion, street clothes. The Ambassador of this trend, passing to the term navajo-chic, Isabel Marant, which has delighted us with a collection inspired by the American Indians and Navajo motifs in his last appearance he has been.

Totally inspired by this trend, the French designer revisits it, giving it its characteristic mix between chic and rocker. His Diesel boots fringed with wedge are fantastic, a wonderful recreation of the navajo spirit into your feet. Why I introduce today this brand that specializes in making shoes where the comfort is the most important thing. Among other things look that many of your brand Diesel booties are spiked, Yes! What I always comment: that you atrevais to introduce in the heel through the cradle. These footwear Diesel are also stain and antiliquidos treatments so they last longer and preserve good appearance and inner hair is 100% cotton to keep your foot warm.

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